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Redesigned Advance Programs FAQs

Gainsight NXT


This article addresses the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Redesigned Advanced Programs feature.

Is participant field mapping required to create programs? 

The new version supports only one data source, hence participant field mapping is not required. Multiple CSVs can be uploaded, and each CSV must contain a name field or header. However, all the CSVs must contain the same header/column names.

Why are multiple sources not supported in the new version?

In the new version, Gainsight aims to simplify the source configuration process, ensuring a streamlined data preparation step within the program-building experience. 

Note: Gainsight adds support for different timezones and allows participants to be included through CSV files, that can be added alongside other data sources. These enhancements will be rolled out in our upcoming releases.

Is Query Builder available as a data source for adding participants?

Yes, the Query builder is available as one of the data sources to add participants but only one query is currently supported per program.

Can the existing programs be transferred to the new version?

The existing programs cannot be transferred to the new version. 

Note: Gainsight tentatively plans to migrate the existing programs by the end of 2024.  

In what scenarios should I use the new version to create programs?

The new version is ideal for creating programs when you need to segregate participants into multiple branches within a journey based on specific conditions, such as roles, locations, or NPS scores.

Is there any impact on existing programs when I try the new version of the Redesigned Advanced Program?

No, there is no impact on existing programs due to the new version.

How can I configure the end of program in new version of Redesigned Advanced Program?

In new version of Redesigned Advanced Program, you do not need to configure the end of program. Any open or unconnected nodes are considered as the end of the program automatically.