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Gainsight App For Zoom FAQs

This article contains the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Gainsight App for Zoom

Can we create Reports based on customer interactions in Gainsight App?

Yes, you can create Reports based on customer interactions that happen via Zoom, provided the activities get logged in the Timeline.

Let's say Zoom admin(s) decide not to allow the installation of the Gainsight App from the Zoom Marketplace (at least by default) until we are able to test it. Would a savvy end-user be able to get around that by using this method outlined here?

If the Zoom admin has disabled the Gainsight app for Zoom, the user cannot install the app even through the external link. Your Zoom admin can also selectively enable it for specific users. The related documentation is provided by Zoom: Managing The Zoom App Marketplace

What is the difference in usability between the different license (Full/Viewer/Viewer+) types?

License permissions are honored the same as that in the Web application.

What is the downside to not enabling the Zoom Quick Launch Button?

If the Zoom Quick Launch button is not enabled, then the user will not be able to access Gainsight App for Zoom.

How can you log into the Gainsight App for Zoom?

You can log into the Gainsight App for zoom by using the Gainsight web credentials

Can participants use the Gainsight App For Zoom if they are not the host?

You can still use the app, however, participants are not resolved. Timeline activities can be added or viewed by searching Company and Relationship. People section cannot be used as well.

If admin disables the Add person functionality in People/Person records, will it also disable the capability to add new participants as people/person records from Zoom?

Yes, Add Person must be enabled to add new participants as People records from Zoom.

Will Gainsight admins need to configure/install something on the Gainsight side for end-users to effectively use the feature?

Zoom admins need to provide permission to use the Gainsight App for Zoom for the individual users to install the app in Zoom

Can the end-user with a Viewer license, or Viewer +license  enable them on their end without any admin intervention?

No, the Zoom admin needs to provide permissions to use the Gainsight App For Zoom.

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