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Customer Education (CE) Integration

This article helps admins configure the connection between Customer Education (CE) and Gainsight to allow Customer Success Managers (CSM) to access user-specific and activity-specific data from CE within Gainsight.

This article helps admins configure the connection between Customer Education (CE) and Gainsight to allow Customer Success Managers (CSM) to access user-specific and activity-specific data from CE within Gainsight.


Integrating Customer Education (CE) data into Gainsight allows admins to link their Customer Education data with the Gainsight CS, facilitating data synchronization. Utilizing this crucial information from CE significantly enhances customer success strategies.

Business Use Case:

  • Enhanced Customer Support: CSMs can track customer education and training to offer tailored support. Access to this data helps CSMs spot knowledge gaps, suggest further training, and ensure customers make the most of product features.
  • Data-Driven Customer Health Insights: Admins can compile data like certification status, product usage, and support interactions to create a complete picture of customer health. Adding certification data to this scorecard improves the accuracy of assessing customer engagement and skills.


Before you begin creating a connection, let us understand the connectors that you can leverage. Connectors allow you to integrate the CE dataset with Gainsight CS to drive customer success through CE data. To access this feature, navigate to Administration > Connectors 2.0, which leads to the Connectors landing page. This page is divided into two sections:

  • Gainsight Connections: Displays Gainsight products you own, along with other Gainsight products - Product Experience, Customer Communities, and Customer Education.
  • External Connections: Displays your established connections with external systems that are not part of Gainsight products.

Interface showing External Connections section with custom and S3 connectors

For products that are not purchased, click Learn More. You are redirected to the product page.

For products that are already purchased, click Connect for easy integration.

Create Connection

On the Connectors page, you can create a connection between Gainsight CS and other Gainsight products. To integrate CE data into Gainsight CS:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Connectors 2.0
  2. On the CE Connector card, click Connect. The confirmation window appears.
  3. Click Connect to continue.

Popup window to connect Gainsight CE with CS highlighting enhanced insights and survey data syncing capabilities

Note: The Gainsight CE card appears in the dashboard if both CE and CS are configured with Single Sign-On (SSO).  If the Gainsight CE card is not visible, contact Gainsight Support for further assistance.

Schedule Sync

The data transfer from Customer Education to Gainsight follows a preset schedule defined by Gainsight, which administrators cannot change.

For example, as shown in the image, a Customer Education user’s data is imported into Gainsight daily, based on the system’s settings. Administrators can set up multiple connections and view the status of each without needing to intervene, as the synchronization process for each connection starts automatically.

Deactivate Connection

Admins can deactivate any connection. If admins choose to deactivate any connection, the data of the specific user will not be synced from CE into Gainsight.

Gainsight Connections page showing various integration tiles including a promoted Product Experience tile and a notification of a failed connection

View Activity Logs

The Activities screen displays the CE activity logs, which are vital for monitoring the data syncing process. These logs provide detailed information, including the timing of each sync, and indicate whether the sync was successful or not. 

Additionally, the activity logs identify specific points where failures occurred, enabling administrators to quickly diagnose and fix issues.

Note: To enhance monitoring efficiency, consider setting up alerts for failed syncs and ensure administrators are familiar with accessing and interpreting these logs.

IMPORTANT: If a sync is in progress, the logs are not automatically updated when completed. Therefore, clicking the Refresh button reloads all the logs and updates the status of the sync.

Datasets Synced from Customer Education to Gainsight

Once a connection has been established, the following datasets are automatically synchronized into Gainsight.

CE Objects Description
CE Certificate The CE Certificate object stores information related to educational certificates, including the certificate's name, issuer, Credential ID, and School ID, which identifies the associated school.
CE Certificate Achievement The CE Certificate Achievement object records details about certificate achievements, such as Achievement ID, type of certificate, expiration date, criteria, and a Download URL for users to obtain their certificates.
CE Course The CE Course object stores information on courses, including the course name, description, enrollment count, enrollment code, price, and sales information.
CE Learner The CE Learner object stores personal details of the learner, such as name, Learner ID, and email address.
CE Learning Path The CE Learning Path encompasses a sequence of courses a learner may undertake, detailing the collection of courses included.
CE Learning Path Item The CE Learning Path Item stores details on specific items within a learning path, including the Resource ID (related to a course or training) and School ID.
CE Learning Progress The CE Learning Progress keeps track of a learner’s progress, including content type, mode of education, enrollment date, source, current progress, and number of attempts.
Note: To view the updated information in reports, ensure the Is Last Attempt filter is applied when building reports.
CE School The CE School object stores information about the CE tenant, such as School Name, School ID, Admin URL, and Admin Email.
CE Training Event The CE Training Event stores information on various aspects of training events, including the event name, types of events, and registration type.
CE Training Session The CE Training Session records specifics of training sessions, such as start and end dates, associated training event name, and Session ID.