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Survey Settings FAQs

Gainsight NXT


With the December release, the Survey Settings related changes will reflect in the following areas in the NXT product:

  • NPS® and CSAT attributes in Company object
  • Summary ribbon and CX widgets (Trend, Revenue) in Gainsight Home

Later, in C360 and R360. Until then, NPS®/CSAT will be different in C360/R360 from what you see in Gainsight Home and Company objects.

What type of changes can be anticipated once this feature goes live?

Some potential changes in NPS® and CSAT values seen for each company in Gainsight. This is because we are changing the way NPS®/CSAT gets calculated, providing more flexibility.

Default time-period will be the current half year. This means that NPS®/CSAT will be aggregated across all responses received in the current half year.

Following are the default settings that will be shipped for NPS®/CSAT

  • NPS® = True NPS®
  • Additional flexibility to choose the survey/s:
    • Include All Surveys: When you select Include All Surveys, all surveys including relationship surveys associated with each company will be selected. Any new surveys are also automatically included. This enhancement will let you  roll up the relationship level responses to an overall company level NPS®/CSAT.
    • Choose Surveys: When you select Choose Surveys, you have the option to explicitly choose specific surveys that you want to include in the NPS®/CSAT value.
What are the time period options you will have?

Following are the different time period options that will be shipped out:

Time Period Options
Current Month
Current Quarter
Current Fiscal Quarter
Current Half Year
Current Fiscal Half Year
Current Year
Current Fiscal Year
Last N Days
Last 180 Days (NPS®)
Last 90 Days (CSAT)
How can I configure fiscal?

For more information about how to configure fiscal, refer to the Application Settings article. 

  • NPS®= last 180 days will be changed to NPS® = Current half year 
  • CSAT = last 90 days will be changed to CSAT = current half year

Note: Previously there was no single place to define the standard version of NPS®.  Customers will now be able to choose the standard version (either True or Average NPS®). Default is True NPS®.


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