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How to Configure Cockpit and CTAs (path)

How to Configure Cockpit and CTAs (path)
This path contains a series of articles that explain how to configure & implement Cockpit and Call to Actions (CTAs) for your business needs.
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  • Introduction to Cockpit and CTA Configuration
    Cockpit is the CSM/AM team's home base for viewing and managing key customer activities. The backbone of Cockpit are Gainsight system alerts called Calls to Action (CTA). Call to action types, their associated tasks, and the Cockpit view can be customized by Admins to suit your business needs. This article provides an introduction to CTA configuration and links to additional Cockpit configuration options.
  • Configure General Settings and Reporting Categories
    This article explains about how to configure the Cockpit List View, General Settings, and Reporting Categories.
  • Configure CTA Types, Reasons, Priority, Snooze
    This article explains about how to configure different call to action types, and their reasons, priorities, statuses, and snooze reasons.
  • Configure Cockpit Tasks
    This article guides you through the configuration of Cockpit tasks, including the task detail view.
  • Configure CTA Detail View Layouts
    This article explains about how Admins can modify the CTA and Task detail view layouts (for each CTA type) to include custom fields from the Call to Action, Account, Customer Info, and Relationship objects. Similar to using linked objects, this allows you to essentially create miniature forms that can display or collect information from the CSM directly in Cockpit.
  • Configure CTA Linked Objects
    This article explains about how Admins can link one or more objects to each CTA type. Linking allows end users to perform additional actions within the CTA detail view.


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