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Change Document for Rules Engine Horizon Experience

Gainsight NXT


The Change document helps customers to learn about the changes that are implemented in the Rules Engine Horizon Experience in comparison to the earlier version.


Gainsight has redesigned the Rules Engine, powered by Gainsight Horizon Experience. The new Rules Engine comes with enriched visual experience to make it easier for the admins to build and understand rules. In addition to enhanced user experience, new features are added and the existing functionalities are improved.

Key Improvements:

  • Visual Experience for creating rules
  • Single Object Flow
  • Improved data preparation experience
  • Visual Action Setup
  • Ability to update CTA & Success Plans via Rules
  • Enhanced Field Mapping experience
  • Visual Execution History Including enhanced logs


Visual Experience for Creating Rules

In Current Rules Engine:

Transforming data and applying actions in the existing Rules Engine is a bit complex and the process has a significant learning curve. The effort to create a task, the need to drag and drop every field used in fetch and transform tasks every time is high. Admins need to go through multiple clicks to create an action and to analyze the data created by those actions.

In Rules Engine Horizon Experience:

Admins can now leverage the power of the Gainsight Data Designer experience to create rules in a simple and more visual manner. All the features - preview all nodes, cascade addition of fields help you prepare data faster. 

Following the same principles, Gainsight has made action creation in the action set up more visual too. This helps you review a rule easily. Leverage the Criteria Label to neatly organize actions and make rules very readable. The same principles are extended to enhance the execution logs experience as well.

Single Object Flow

In Current Rules Engine:

In the current Rules Engine, even if your data is ready to be used and is available in an object, you need to drag and drop the objects to form the tasks to perform actions.

In Rules Engine Horizon Experience:

With the new Horizon Experience, Gainsight introduces a new workflow. The Single object flow helps you point and dive into field mapping of an object with data. Once you select an object, you can preview the column-wise data. You can also customize the columns to be displayed in the Preview Dataset.

Improved Data Preparation Experience

In Current Rules Engine:

The experience of  transforming and preparing data is a bit outdated in the current Rules Engine. You can only preview the data in the fetch task, cannot preview if a transformation or merge is configured correctly. Also, some of the data preparation experiences such as S3 fetch need you to use a third-party application even for simple use cases.

In Rules Engine Horizon Experience:

With the new Horizon Experience, you can power the data preparation using Data Designer experience. You have access to not only more capabilities in data preparation such as preview all nodes, Snowflake, more formulas and Design Templates to jumpstart data prep in Rules but also an enhanced admin experience with visual data preparation, cascade addition and the S3 browser.

Visual Action Setup

In Current Rules Engine:

The present actions setup procedure is a bit complex to understand, especially if you have a bunch of actions in a single Rule. Onus was on admins to name the tasks properly to improve the readability of this page. Also, if you have the same action repeated multiple times (Example: Set Score action), the way to differentiate one action from another (Example SMB vs Enterprise) is to scroll down to filters inside actions after expanding two accordions. Admins must have adequate prior knowledge and experience on how to create rules.

Comprehensive view of actions.jpg

In Rules Engine Horizon Experience:

Gainsight extended the visual Rules Engine philosophy to the Action Setup of Rules Engine Horizon Experience as well. You can now hover on a task and configure action for that task as long as you remember what you named the task. The action filters are made more prominent by bringing them out of actions. You can quickly also navigate to logs from actions and from actions to logs. All these features are most useful when you are editing a rule or revisiting a legacy rule. It's now much easier to get a comprehensive view of the rule. 

Demo to Mike 2022-12-02 at 5.50.29 PM.jpg

Ability to update CTA in Rules

In this new version of Rules Engine, administrators can create rules to update CTAs. Earlier, admins could only create rules to create or close CTAs.

Ability to update Success Plans in Rules

Admins can now create rules to  update Success Plans via Rules Engine. Earlier, admins could only create rules to create Success Plans. They can either update all Success Plans identified through the Success Plan GSID or update Success Plans of a particular type.

Enhanced Field Mapping Experience

In Current Rules Engine:

In the current Rules engine, the source and target fields are placed far from each other, picklist value mapping extends the field mapper even further. There is no option to notify users of the mandatory fields while creating the actions setup, admins have to understand this when the Rule fails.

Field Mapping.jpg

In Rules Engine Horizon Experience:

In the new version of Rules Engine, Gainsight has enhanced the field mapping experience as well. Users are notified of the mandatory fields that need to be mapped for a successful action in the UI itself. The field mapper now is more compact, to help in easy viewing of how the data is mapped. Gainsight also has enhanced the various experiences in field mapping - Picklist mapping, Derived mapping, Custom fields, Identifiers, Default values to make the configuration easy.

Change doc .jpeg

Visual Execution History Including Enhanced Logs

In Current Rules Engine:

Currently the Execution History is available as a sub tab in Rule Preview. To understand the execution history you need to expand accordions, multiple tasks, actions, etc. If you forgot the name of a task, you need to quickly see the tab and come back again. It takes more clicks and time to understand why a rule failed or to download the failure records.

In Rules Engine Horizon Experience:

In the Rules Engine Horizon Experience, Gainsight has made  the experience of viewing executions more visual. Now you can analyze what happened with an execution in one glance. You can have easy access to all the important actions you want to take on this page, such as download records for action or set up a rule or edit a rule. 

When you select a past execution, the system loads the rule that was run for that execution rather than the latest rule enabling you to see why the past execution was a success or failure. Gainsight also has improved the content of 100+ error messages on UI  and will continue to improve any remaining messages. 

How to Enable New Rules Engine Horizon Experience

Gainsight will initially start with a beta program where customers will have access to both the existing Rules Engine experience and the new Rules Engine experience.  All the existing Rules will eventually be migrated to the new Rules Experience automatically.  

New Feature of Rules Engine Horizon Experience

Gainsight admins now have the ability to fetch data available in any Gainsight object to the GS Lead object using the Load to GS Lead action. This action also helps admins to import leads information from different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and manage it at one place. For more information on how to use the Load to GS Lead action, refer to the Load to GS Lead Action Type article.


For more information on the frequently asked questions regarding Rules Engine, refer to the Rules Engine Horizon Experience - FAQs article.