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Load to User Action Type

Gainsight NXT



Load to User Action Type in Rules Engine allows you to update existing records in the Gainsight User standard object, that is used to store Gainsight User information. Only the Update operation is supported by this Action type.

For more information on Gainsight User, refer to Gainsight User Object.

Note: The License Type field is added in the Load to User action type to allow Admins to assign licenses to the users through the rules.

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Configure Load to User Action Type

To configure this action Type, provide the respective details in the Setup Action screen:

  1. Operation: Update (Only update is available.)
  2. Field mappings: This is a list of fields from the Show section in the previous step in Setup Rule (fields in the dataset).  
  3. ADD CUSTOM FIELD: Use this option to add additional custom field mappings.
  4. + CRITERIA: Additional criteria can be added to any of the actions to fine-tune what data to sync, or to perform different or multiple actions based on the same data points.


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