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Configuring Google Apps

Use Google Apps as part of your Shared Accounts Authentication method.

Use Google Apps as part of your Shared Accounts Authentication method.

Step 1

Click on Account in the top navigation bar and select School Settings.

Step 2

Click on the Authentication tab.

Step 3

Click Edit.

Step 4

Review the options in the modal and click Continue.

Step 5

Select Shared Accounts from the dropdown.

Step 6

Select Google Apps.

If you’d like to use Google Apps Directory to pre-add your learners and organizations to your school, choose the option for “App Directory.” If you do not want to use that option, select “Default.”

Step 7

Perform this step only if you selected the “App Directory” option in Step 6.

Enter the email address for someone in your organization with admin-level access to Google Apps. This user’s email address will be used for accessing your users and organizations within your Google Apps Directory.

Step 8

Enter a comma-separated list of email domains that will be allowed to authenticate. For example, if you wanted anyone with email addresses ending in or to be able to access your school, you would enter, into the box.

Step 9

Enter your company website.

Step 10

Click Save.

Step 11

Your school’s domain will need to be configured on the Northpass system. Once this has been completed, you will receive an email, and at that time, the Google Apps sign-on will take effect.

If you selected "App Directory" in Step 6, you must also enable the admin API. This is performed outside of Northpass within your Google account. The values you will need to configure the admin API can be found after your authentication method's successful configuration.

Step 12

Get started sharing links to your school. Anyone with an email address matching the domains entered in Step 8 will be able to authenticate upon visiting your school. Learners will only see the courses that they have been granted access to. Click here to learn more about managing course access.

If you selected “App Directory” in Step 6, your users and organizations would begin syncing into Northpass automatically as learners and groups hourly. These groups can be used to manage course access. If an organization is deleted from Google Apps Directory, the corresponding group will not be deleted from Northpass. However, if a user is deleted from Google Apps Directory, the corresponding learner will be deleted from Northpass.

Step 13 (Optional)

When using the Google Apps SSO solution, to provide the most seamless experience for learners, consider pre-authorizing the Northpass application. This will remove the step where individual learners need to approve Northpass to use their Google credentials.

When you set it up

When you configure the Google Apps SSO, we will receive an email about the new Google Apps setup request.
Our Operations team will add that to the Google Directory on our end, and we will notify you once that's completed.

Whenever you face the following error:

Please make sure the email address used for the setup is an Admin in your Google account.

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