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iorad is a new learning activity available in Northpass’ course builder that makes creating, sharing, and learning content easy.


This article explains iorad and how to configure the integration between Gainsight CE and iorad.


Iorad is a learning activity within the Gainsight CE course builder that simplifies the creation, sharing, and learning of content. This integration enables product-focused educators to swiftly create step-by-step, interactive tutorials, saving time, resources, and money in teaching users how to utilize an application or feature effectively.

How does it work

iorad product tutorials can be quickly created for virtually any online process or application within Gainisght CE Course Builder. The administrators go through the motions of recording their tutorial, iorad automatically captures everything they do and delivers a fully customized tutorial that can be shared in their courses.

With these three quick steps, product-focused educators can create step-by-step, interactive tutorials:

  • Capture: iorad doesn't just record your screen; it records what you do and how you do it. Then, it provides you with a suite of customization options that let you add final touches. For example, Auto-generated step text, masked data, and instant voiceovers.
  • Share: iorad’s in-app learning functionality lets you deliver help to your users within their Northpass academy and courses.
  • Learn: iorad enables you to tailor tutorials based on user preferences. Once you've created a tutorial, users will be able to access it in various desktop and mobile formats, including video, list, and slides, and even practice each step interactively.

Install iorad

iorad can be installed as an extension to your browser. Currently, it’s supported in the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge

Go to the Extensions market in your browser, type iorad in search, and click “Add to extensions” - it’s that simple!

You can also use a desktop version of your browser that is not on the list. There is no difference in working with iorad.

Add an iorad Tutorial to a Course

  1. Navigate to Gainsight CE and create a new Video activity. A screen with new option appears.
  2. Select the Add iorad tutorial,  you are navigated to the iorad interface.

Now you can begin with your capture, an example of iorad’s use below

Edit an iorad Tutorial

iorad allows you to edit individual parts of the tutorial. You can add the Audio description and edit the text-to-speech, so it’s entirely personalized to your needs. If you would like to edit existing iorad tutorials, you can access that by Right-clicking the iorad icon in the extension -> My Tutorials.

Also, you can access the “Edit” directly from the Tutorial in Northpass:

Additional Resources

Based on the package you are using, different features are available.

More pricing information can be found here.

If you would like to get more details on what exactly can be edited in your tutorial, we strongly recommend browsing through iorad’s Support Pages.

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