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Customize email campaigns for your students using MailChimp email marketing services.

Integrate MailChimp with Northpass to streamline email marketing for your students. This integration ensures that all student data is synchronized and up-to-date for effective email campaigns.

Steps to Connect MailChimp with Northpass

  1. You must have a MailChimp account to perform this task. Click here to signup.
  2. Start by creating an email list in MailChimp.
  3. Locate and copy and paste your list ID and API key into a notepad. In Northpass, click Apps.
  4. Next to MailChimp, click Enable.
  5. Paste the List ID and API Key in the appropriate fields. Click Save and Sync.

Automatic Synchronization

  • New Student Registration: When a student self-registers, their first name, last name, and email are automatically added to your selected MailChimp list.
  • Invited Students: If a student is invited to join, their information is added to the MailChimp list once they accept the invitation.

Additional Information

For more detailed guidance on using your MailChimp mailing list, visit the MailChimp support center.


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