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Shopify Purchase Process

What is the typical Shopify course purchase like? Get everything you need to know here.

This article explains the purchase flow of a course in Shopify and frequesntly asked questions related to buying courses in Shopify.

Purchase a course on Shopify

  1. A learner selects a course on your Shopify store.
  2. The learner adds the course(s) to their cart, proceeds to checkout, and enters their information. The learner clicks the Continue button.
  3. The learner enters their payment information and clicks Complete order.
  4. The payment confirmation page is displayed. As a final REQUIRED step, the learner must select the Complete Enrollment button to claim their course (this link is also included in their confirmation email).
  5. The Complete Enrollment button links to a page on Northpass where the learner can register for an account.
  6. Once registered, the learner can access their course(s).


What happens when a first-time user buys a course on my Shopify store?

Upon purchasing and navigating to the course, the learner will be prompted to set a password, agree to the terms, and create their account on Northpass. The learner can then access their course(s).

During checkout on Shopify, learners do not create accounts. Click here to learn more about how to disable account creation.

Once the learner is enrolled in their course(s), you will see the order line item for each course as fulfilled in your Shopify store. Click here to learn more about fulfilled orders.

What happens when a user purchases multiple courses on my Shopify store?

When a learner purchases multiple courses and claims the courses, the learner is redirected to the 'My Courses' page in Northpass. The 'My Courses' page lists all courses that the learner is enrolled in. The learner can then select a course to begin.

What happens if a learner purchases two of the same course?

If duplicate purchases are made, the learner receives only one claim link. We will notify you if this occurs, at which time it is recommended that you refund the learner for any duplicate purchases. Click here to learn more about preventing this from happening by limiting purchase quantities using Shopify apps.

What happens if a learner buys physical products, or non-Northpass products at the same time they purchase courses?

The learner will be enrolled into the purchased courses on Northpass, and the remaining products will go through the standard fulfillment cycle on Shopify. Click here to learn more about fulfilled orders.

What happens if a learner shares their claim link with a friend?

Courses can be claimed only one time using the email address entered when the course was purchased.

What happens if a learner clicks their claim link again while still logged in?

When a learner is already logged in to Northpass, clicking on the Shopify claim link again will direct them to their course(s).

What happens if a learner logs out and then clicks their claim link again?

When an unauthenticated (not logged in) learner with an existing account clicks on a used claim link, they will be prompted to log in to their existing account to access their course(s).

What happens when a learner purchases additional courses on my Shopify store?

The learner will be prompted to enter payment information to make the purchase. Upon clicking on the link to claim the course, the learner is automatically logged in and redirected to their courses.

Can a learner buy a course and give it to another learner as a gift?

We recommend having learners purchase gift cards that can be used to purchase your courses. Click here to learn more about selling gift cards.

What happens if a learner doesnot click the claim link on the order page?

If the setup process is properly followed, there will be a claim link in the email receipt that the learner can use to claim their course(s) later.

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