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Batch Actions

Learn how to effortlessly apply settings to multiple Learners in your School.

Understanding Batch Actions

Batch Actions allow you to perform administrative tasks for multiple Learners at the same time. Currently, Batch Actions available in Northpass are:

  • Resend Invitation
  • Add to Group
  • Add to Course
  • Deactivate Learner
  • Delete Learner

Using Batch Actions

To use Batch Actions, first select any Learners you’d like to apply changes to. You can pick individual Learners, or select an entire page. You can also select Learners across many pages. There is no limit to the number of Learners you can edit, but editing a large number of Learners will likely take a few extra minutes.

After selecting the Learners you want to edit, pick the action you want to perform.

Resend Invitations

Resend Invitation will send a new Invitation email to all selected Learners who have not yet activated their accounts.

⚠️ Resent Invitation will only send invitations to selected, not activated Learners, while Actions>Resent All Invitations will send invitations to every Learner in your School that has not yet activated their account ⚠️

Add to Group

Add to Group allows you to add multiple Learners to a selected group(s). Learners added to a group will automatically gain access to Courses and Learning Paths in that group.

Add to Course

Add to Course allows you to easily give Learners access to your content. You can assign a single course or multiple courses.

Deactivate Learners

Deactivating Learners will revoke their access to School, but their Analytics and settings will be preserved. Deleting Learners will remove their access, settings, and analytics. If you are an admin, you cannot delete or deactivate your own account.

Delete Learners

When deleting Learners, they might still appear on the People list as deactivated, while we process their account deletions. You may see this status for up to an hour. There is no need to repeat the delete action in such a case.

⚠️ if you are using Single-Sign on, deleted Learners might still have access to school via Shared Links⚠️

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