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Matching Quiz Question Type

This quiz question type allows learners to connect text or image pairs to create the correct “matches”.

This quiz question type allows learners to connect text or image pairs to create the correct “matches”.

This feature is available for questions used within Question Banks as part of our Dynamic Quiz feature. Additionally, matching questions are only available when using Learning Experience (LX) V3. To find out how to upgrade to the LXv3, read this article.

If you are not using Question Banks & Dynamic Quizzes yet, don't worry! Just reach out to our Support team and we will be more than happy to enable them for you.

Getting Started

First, you'll need to create a new Question Bank. For more information on creating Question Banks, check out this article.

Once in our Question Bank Builder, add a question and select "Matching Answers"

Here, you can specify the question prompt you as well as begin creating your "pairs".

To use text, enter text in a text box. To use images, click the image icon. You can use text/images on the left, and text/images on the right. You can also use any combination. Each pair (item on the left + item on the right) makes a correct “Match”.

When you use images, you can hover your mouse over the miniature, and a larger preview of your uploaded image will pop up.

Add as many pairs as you like. We will display them all optimally for your learners.

Note: Once your question banks have been created, you will need to use them to generate a Dynamic Quiz to be used in a Quiz Activity.

Learner Experience

When presented to your learners, the items on the left will remain in the order created, but the possible "matches" will be shuffled. These will need to be connected by your learners.

Learners will need to connect the item on the left with its correct match on the right. A completed matches are denoted by a green dot (left) and selected matches are denoted by a green outline.

Clicking on the magnifying glass will give Learners the ability to preview the picture in its original size in a popup.

Once completed, Learners can view the Quiz Summary screen, which details the responses and if they were correct or not.

Note: At this point, a Learner must match all items in a Matching Question correctly in order to get the question marked "Correct". This will be reflected as such in any analytics dashboards.

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