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How do I use SCORM content?

The following are the types of questions frequently asked by our customers regarding SCORM content.

How should I zip my SCORM files?

Occasionally, a SCORM file might upload and process correctly but still result in an error when viewed in a SCORM activity. This issue often arises if the SCORM provider zipped a folder rather than the SCORM files themselves.

For instance, consider a SCORM creator with a folder named "SCORM File." If they zip this folder and upload it to Northpass, an error message will appear in the SCORM activity.

Instead, the SCORM provider should open the folder, select all the files inside, and then zip those files directly.

What should I do if I receive a missing manifest file error?

When uploading a SCORM file to the Media Library, the process may fail due to a missing manifest file. The error message will indicate this missing file.

The manifest file, typically an XML file containing the word "manifest," is essential for the upload. The name may vary depending on the tool used to create it.

If this file is missing, it might be due to the export settings during file creation. For users of Adobe Captivate, instructions for creating a manifest file can be found here.

Why can't my learners progress through the SCORM file?

For learners to successfully progress through a SCORM file, certain variables need to be set within SCORM events. These variables include:

  • cmi.core.score.raw
  • cmi.core.score.min
  • cmi.core.score.max

Typically, cmi.core.score.max is used to set the maximum point value (e.g., 100). The variable cmi.core.score.raw tracks progress at specific milestones throughout the SCORM file, such as 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% (setting cmi.core.score.raw to 25, 50, 75, and 100, respectively).

We check these milestones to determine the percentage of the raw score relative to the max score. When this percentage meets the specified milestone, the continue button is displayed.

If these variables are not being sent, learners will be unable to use milestones effectively with SCORM files.

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