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How do I Reset a Learner's Course Progress?

Reset a learner’s course progress back to 0% for any course they are enrolled in.


Reset a learner's course progress to 0% for any enrolled course. This action retains the learner's existing analytics while initiating a new course attempt. This feature is functional regardless of whether course retakes are enabled.

Reset Learners Course Progress

To reset your learner's progress in this course to zero. They can now retake the course, including any quizzes and activities, from the beginning.

  1. Log in to your school and click People tab.Screen Shot 2023-05-16 at 2.18.14 PM.jpg
  2. Navigate to the user you wish to reset progress for.
  3. Click three dots menu icon to access the user details. Click View Profile, or click on learner's name/email.Screen Shot 2023-05-16 at 2.31.07 PM.jpg
  4. Select Manage PermissionsScreen Shot 2023-05-17 at 3.32.56 PM.jpg5. In the Courses section, click the Edit button. A new dialogue window appears, click Reset Course Progress.  Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 3.34.20 PM.jpg6. You will be prompted to confirm your action.
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