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Inactivity Nudge Emails


Re-engage learners who haven't completed their courses by sending personalized reminder emails, updating content with engaging materials, and offering flexible scheduling. Implement a progress tracking system with rewards, provide personalized feedback and support, and organize interactive webinars or Q&A sessions. These strategies rekindle interest, address challenges, and motivate learners to complete their courses.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased course completion rates
  • Enhanced learner motivation and engagement
  • Improved learner support and satisfaction

How they work

Inactivity emails are sent to learners after a configured number of days of inactivity in course content. This inactivity is calculated in full days from the last activity viewed in a course covered by an Inactivity Nudge. You can configure this setting for either:

  • All Courses: Inactivity is calculated from the last activity viewed in any live course within the academy.
  • Single Course: Inactivity is calculated from the last activity viewed in a specific selected course.

Emails can be set to send:

  • Only Once: A message is sent once after the defined number of inactive days.
  • Recurring: Messages are sent a specified number of times unless the learner becomes active.

Inactivity emails are sent daily at 12:00 am and 12:00 pm UTC. The Courses tool in the message content editor allows adding a list of courses to the email. This list is personalized for each recipient, including the names (hyperlinks) of the actual courses in which the learner was inactive

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