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Course Enrollment Emails


Course Enrollment Messages are designed to engage learners with newly assigned course content, ensuring they stay informed and motivated to start their courses promptly.

How Course Enrollment Messages Work

  1. Timing of Messages:

    • Course Enrollment Messages are sent to learners the day after they are enrolled in a new course or multiple courses.
    • These messages are dispatched daily at 10:00 am UTC.
  2. Content Customization:

    • The Courses tool, accessible within the message content editor, allows the addition of a personalized list of courses to each message.
    • Each recipient's message will feature hyperlinks to the specific courses they have been assigned.
  3. Recipient Criteria:

    • Only active learners will receive Course Enrollment Messages.
    • If a learner enrolls in and completes a course before the scheduled sending time of the Course Enrollment email, they will not receive the email.


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