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Analyzing Learning Path usage and effectiveness

Two new reports offer Admins insights into the usage scale of comprehensive educational programs based on Learning Paths.


Admins have access to two new reports that provide detailed insights into the usage and effectiveness of educational programs structured around Learning Paths. These reports are designed to help admins understand the popularity and progress of these programs among learners.

Learning Path Progress Stats

To access the Learning Path Progress Stats:

  1. Open the Analytics tab in your dashboard.
  2. Locate the Academy Overview section.
  3. Find and select "Learning Path Progress Stats" to see a summary of user progress and the popularity of various learning paths.
  4. Use available filters to narrow down your analysis to specific learning paths and learner groups.
  5. After selecting your filters, click the "Update" icon to confirm and view the relevant data.

Key Metrics to Review:

  • Enrollment Counts:
    • Check the total number of learners enrolled in the selected learning paths.
  • Completion Rates:
    • Identify the number of learners who have initiated and successfully completed these paths.
  • Average Progress:
    • Analyze the average progress made by learners across the selected paths.

Note: The data in all columns, including the average progress calculation, reflects only the attempt with the highest progress achieved by each learner in a specific path.


Multiple Learning Path Analysis

To use the Multiple Learning Path Analysis:

  1. Open the Analytics tab and go to the Learner Activity section.
  2. Access the Multiple Learning Path Analytics Dashboard.
  3. This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all learner attempts within specific learning paths.
  4. Use filters such as path name, learner's name/email, groups, attempts date range, and progress status to refine the data selection.
  5. Enterprise customers can also apply property filters for more detailed analysis


Note: The attempt filter is based on completed learning path attempts or, if incomplete, the date of learning path enrollment.

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