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Managing Templates and Themes

Streamline customization processes for better control over your Academy's look and feel.

Streamline customization processes for better control over your Academy's look and feel.

Step-by-Step Guide

Check your current theme and templates

Go to the "Design" section and select the "Themes and Templates" tab. Review the current theme applied to your academy and all related templates.

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Download and upload templates

Take complete control of your academy's design and layout by downloading template files. Edit these templates using a code editor of your choice. Upload the modified templates to see the changes reflected in your academy.

Change the theme

The "Change Theme" option allows you to apply newer versions of the Default Theme, which include the latest learner experience updates. Please note that applying the Default Theme will overwrite all your existing customizations.

Since there is no revert mechanism, use this option only if you want to return to the default theme or after you've downloaded all existing templates as a backup. By having all templates downloaded, you can merge files to create a new set of templates that combine your customizations with the most recent learner-facing features.

Tip: Preview and modify templates in a sandbox environment before uploading them to your live academy, as you cannot revert to the previous theme version.

Revert changes made in the template files

If you need to undo any modifications made to a template file, locate the template you want to revert to its original state. Click on the "Revert" button next to the template file you wish to restore.

Be aware that using this feature will remove all changes you've ever made to the selected template file and restore it to its original state. Ensure you only use the "Revert" feature after downloading the file as a backup. If you do not have a backup, you will not be able to restore your previous customizations.


Gain knowledge on themes and templates

Refer to the provided support resources to better understand the concepts of templates, customizing pages, and variables.

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