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Q2 2024 Release Notes for Customer Communities (CC)

Gainsight CC Community homepage Gainsight Community 2024-02-13 at 4.56.02 PM.jpg

Release Date: June 17, 2024


Control Home: Central Hub with Actionable Insights

Customer Communities is excited to introduce Control Home – the default landing page for community managers, administrators, and moderators. This page is packed with widgets providing actionable insights to users, helping them stay informed about all that is happening in the community.

For more information on features available in Control Home, refer to the Overview of Control Home article.

Note: Control Home was previously launched as an Open Beta program. It is now available for all Customer Communities users. For more information on the Control Home (Open Beta) release notes, refer here.

Release Date: June 7, 2024

IMPORTANT: Gainsight is no longer accepting participants for the AI-powered Search Assistant closed beta program. The release content and feature enablement documents will be published when the feature is launched for all Customer Communities users.


Say Hi to AI-Generated Search Result Summaries (Closed Beta)

Customer Communities announces the launch of Smart Assistant, an innovative AI-powered tool that transforms how community users interact with search functionality. For more details on how to use Smart Assistant, see the Search Efficiently with AI-powered Search Assistant section.

New Features

Search Efficiently with AI-powered Search Assistant (Closed Beta)


  • The AI-powered Smart Assistant feature is enabled in the orgs of customers participating in the closed beta program.
  • This feature is accessible only to community users with Moderator, Administrator, or Community Manager access.

Customer Communities introduces the Smart Assistant—an AI-powered tool that enriches how users interact with search functionalities within their community. When community users initiate a search, the Smart Assistant automatically generates a crisp summary of the search results. This allows users to access relevant information swiftly, saving time and enhancing productivity.

How does this help community users?

This AI-powered enhancement provides the most relevant content to community users, eliminating the need to manually click on different search results to find the required information. Additionally, it provides a list of content sources used to generate the summary. Community users can select Learn More to view the list. 

Consider the image below for an example of how the Smart Assistant provides a summary of AI Content Generator search results along with the list of sources used, categorized under Learn More.

Search results page displaying the AI Content Generator feature details, with options to learn more, join the AI Beta Program waitlist, and view roadmap updates.

Note: Smart Assistant generates results using a large language model (LLM), so it may occasionally include errors or hallucinations. We recommend exercising vigilance when using these results.


Simplified Search Experience for Community Users (Open Beta)

IMPORTANT: The enhanced search experience is accessible only to community users with Moderator, Administrator, or Community Manager access.

Customer Communities launches the enhanced search experience for users in the community. This enhancement simplifies how users interact with search results, significantly reducing the time spent extracting the information they want from all search results.

What’s improved?

  • Organized Search Results: Users can now experience a more structured search process with results categorized by type. This means that information is segmented into distinct tabs, making it easier to navigate and locate the exact resources needed. In the image below, search results are categorized in different tabs such as Community, Knowledge Base, Product Updates, and so on.

Community page with a detailed all search results view of employee engagement survey topics, featuring different categories for refining searches.

  • Intuitive Filters: Each category comes with tailored filters, streamlining the search process so that users can refine results based on parameters that are most relevant to the selected category. In the image below, only filters that are relevant to Community category results are available. These filters only apply to 34 results available in this category.

Community page filtered to display topics about employee engagement surveys, highlighting the community tab and options for detailed search filters.

How does it help community users?

  • Speed and Efficiency: Quickly access the information users need without sifting through irrelevant content.
  • Enhanced Relevance: Improved filtering options ensure that users find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Simplified User Experience: The clean and organized interface provides a hassle-free navigation experience, even for first time users in the community.

For more information on the enhanced search experience and how to enable it in the community, refer to the Change Document for Enhanced Search Experience in Community article.

For latest updates and discussions on the new search experience, refer to the community post.