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Customer Onboarding Gainsight Standard Edition (Path)

Gainsight Standard Edition Onboarding (path)
This path contains a series of articles that explain how to implement Gainsight Standard Edition for your business needs.
Pages: 8
  • Introduction to Gainsight and Overview on Onboarding
    This article walks you through the steps in implementing Gainsight Standard Edition for your business needs.
  • Gainsight User Login
    This article explains how users login to Gainsight thru various authentication mechanisms.
  • Application Settings
    This article explains about different configurations available in the Application Settings.
  • Gainsight User Management
    This article describes about the different methods on how super admins can ingest the user data into the Gainsight User Object.
  • Gainsight Authentication
    This article describes the various authentication mechanisms supported in Gainsight, through which users can verify their identity and login to Gainsight. This article also explains how a Super Admin can configure each of these authentication mechanisms for the active users in Gainsight.
  • Permission Groups
    Permission Groups is an administration feature which facilitates a Super Admin (or an admin) to easily set up access to some or all the pages in Gainsight global navigation to the specific users.
  • Gainsight Sharing Settings
    This article explains how you can apply access control mechanism at the record level, using Sharing Settings.
  • Loading Business Data
    This article shows the article references to Gainsight Core objects and channels to ingest data into these objects


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