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Admin Notification Settings

Gainsight NXT
Gainsight helps innovative companies protect and nurture their most valuable asset - their customers - with the power of our award-winning platform. With our Customer Success Solution, you can gain deeper insights into customer behavior, operationalize the customer lifecycle, and coordinate actions and results across teams.

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. New and upgraded customers are deployed on Gainsight NXT.

If you have not upgraded and are using Gainsight Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation here.

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This article guides Admins through the configurations available in the Notifications Settings page. Notifications can be triggered when CTAs and tasks are assigned to a user, Survey responses are received, and more. Using the Notifications feature, Admins can automatically enable their CSMs to follow the Companies and Relationships that they work with. This saves CSMs the manual work of following each customer individually from the C360 page, and helps them stay updated on their customers and new tasks.

In the Notifications Settings page, Admins can enable notifications for all internal users. Once the notifications are enabled, users have to manually enable/customize the notifications using the Notifications (Bell) icon in the Gainsight in-app. For more information on how users can subscribe and unsubscribe to notifications, refer to Setup User Notifications.

Configuring Auto-Subscription for Notifications

Admin can choose which user lookup fields from the company or relationship object to select, to determine the users who will automatically receive notifications.

To configure auto-subscription for Notifications:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Communication > Notifications Settings. The  Notification Settings page is displayed.
  2. Click + in the Company section to select the desired user lookup in the Company object that you want to use for assigning automatic subscription. For example,  you can select ‘Created By’ to send automatic notifications to the owner of that company.
  3. Click + in the Relationship section to select the desired user lookup in the Relationship object that you want to use for assigning automatic subscription. For example, you can select ‘CSM’ to send automatic notifications to the CSM of that relationship.

Note: You can only select a maximum of 5 user fields to be used in the company and relationship sections.

  1. Click SAVE.


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