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Gainsight Inc.

Introduction to Gainsight and Overview on Onboarding

Gainsight NXT
This article supports Gainsight NXT which is built on Gainsight's state of the art Matrix Data Architecture (MDA) platform, and is designed for customer success professionals for driving revenue, increasing retention, and scaling operations. To learn more about Gainsight NXT, click here.

If you are using Gainsight Salesforce Edition, which is built on Salesforce and customer business data is stored in SFDC, you can find supporting documentation here.


Gainsight Overview

Gainsight is an application designed for customer success professionals for driving revenue, increasing retention, and scaling operations. Gainsight NXT is built on Gainsight’s Matrix Data Architecture (MDA) Platform that offers a mechanism through which you can manage all of your business data like your Account, User, and Contact information and transform this data to derive business metrics through the tools offered by the Platform - rules engine, aggregation, CTA's etc. Gainsight platform turns disparate customer data sources into insights and actions that drive measurable business outcomes for your clients.

The business data that you create or manage in Gainsight is stored in the following objects in Gainsight’s MDA:

  • Company
  • User
  • Person Object Model
  • Relationship
  • Application objects
  • Any Custom object that you create

To start using Gainsight NXT, as a Super Admin of your company, login to Gainsight Tenant using the login URL provided through the welcome email. You can then grant access to anyone in your company.


To start using Gainsight NXT, as a Super Admin, take the following onboarding steps to complete Gainsight setup based on your business requirements:

  1. Login to shared Gainsight Tenant with your official Email address and then create a new Password. You can then grant Gainsight access to anyone in your company by adding them as users.
  2. Setup configurations in the Application Settings page.
  3. Start adding any CSM or Admin from your company as users in the Gainsight User Management page.
  4. You can apply different Gainsight Authentication mechanisms for different User login methods. For more information on the login methods, refer Gainsight User Login.
  5. You can set up access to some or all of the pages in Gainsight global navigation for the specific users using Permission Groups.
  6. Grant permissions or restrict access on individual objects and their attributes for the specific users using Sharing Settings.
  7. As part of onboarding to Gainsight NXT, a Super Admin or an Admin can load company’s business data into Gainsight as shown below:
  • Customer Information into Company object
  • Contacts into Person object model
  • User data into User object
  • Usage data into different custom objects

Following workflow displays the onboarding steps into Gainsight NXT:

Customer Onboarding Path - Gainsight NXT.png

For detailed information on the process of each onboarding step, follow the Onboarding path.

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