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Usage Tracking and Personally identifiable information (PII)

This article explains how Gainsight PX handles usage and Personal Identifiable Information ( PII tracking. 


Gainsight PX is designed to work seamlessly in highly regulated or privacy-centric environments. We understand the importance of data privacy and security, and have taken steps to ensure that Gainsight PX is GDPR, SOC 2, and Privacy Shield certified and compliant. 

Data Captured and Stored by PX

When the Gainsight PX Tag is added to your application, it allows the Web SDK to track (without any performance impact to your application your app) the following events to gather usage analytics:

  • User session start and end time
  • Page views
  • Button clicks
  • Link clicks

IMPORTANT: Gainsight PX never collects or stores your application’s Document Object Model (DOM) or any information submitted by your users through forms or input text fields. 

Personal Information Captured within PX

As the second part of the PX installation, your developers add a  javascript code (the identify call) that sends the required user information (user and event) to PX. 

Your team has full control over how much or how little user information is desired. For example, some customers simply include a Unique ID for the user or account.

All other user and account attributes are optional. For example, you can include the user’s email address which allows you to engage the users outside the application and will follow the unsubscribe protocol automatically.

User and Account Inferred Data

  • User Inferred Data: Gainsight PX provides data augmentation driven by IP address. This allows you to further analyze based on GEO location or domain inferred data. This is optional and you can opt out from this option so the tracked user’s IP address will not be resolved.
    • Note: Enabling IP masking prevents inferred location analysis in different parts of Analytics.
  • Account Inferred Data: Inferred Account data is based off of an end-user’s email domain.

Anonymize Identity Data

Gainsight PX allows you to anonymize Identity data. As part of the Identify call, the identifier data received is Hashed using a complex algorithm and stored as a new user. This ensures that the PII data passed in the Identify call ( User Identifier) is protected. 

IMPORTANT: Anonymizing identity data is an on-demand, subscription level feature and needs to be opted in. To enable this feature for compliance reasons, raise a support ticket with Gainsight PX Support. 

anonymizing data.drawio (3).png

Once enabled, all identity data received is anonymized and all new data captured for that user is protected. Gainsight recommends that you do not pass any other PII data in the other fields. This feature only impacts the User Identify data (identify Id) and no other attributes such as the account data.

Note: Gainisght PX does not support the translation of historical data. Only data received after the feature opt-in is anonymized.

Anonymize or Delete PII Data Tracked Previously

You can delete or anonymize the user PII data, such as First name, Last name, or Email ID that were tracked previously.

To anonymize the data, update the PX Account and User attributes with an anonymous value using PX Data Loader or REST API.

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