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Usage Tracking and Personally identifiable information (PII)

The Gainsight PX product as well as our customer success teams successfully work with many regulated / privacy-centric customers. Here are some common questions & answers.

What data does PX capture and store?

After installing the Gainsight PX lightweight tag (Step 1 of 2), our web sdk will track the following events (with no performance impact on your app) to provide usage analytics:

  • User session start/end times
  • Page views
  • Button clicks
  • Link clicks

It is important to note that PX will never collect your app's DOM or collect any information submitted by your users (i.e. through submitted forms or input text fields). Gainsight PX is SOCII / Privacy Shield / GDPR certified & compliant.

Is any personal info captured within GS PX?

As the second part of the installation (Step 2 of 2), your developers will add a small piece of identify code that will send to PX the user info of the user making those event calls listed above. Your team has full control over how much or little user information is desired (some customers simply include a Unique ID for the user and/or account).

Any other user and account attributes are optional. For example, having a user email address will allow you to engage the users outside the application and will follow the unsubscribe protocol automatically.

IP Address & Inferred Data

Gainsight PX does provide data augmentation driven by IP address so you can further analyze based on GEO location or domain inferred data. This is optional and you can opt-out from this option so the tracked users IP address will not be resolved.

Note that enabling IP masking will prevent inferred location analysis in different parts of the analytics

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