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Security FAQs

Is Gainsight PX’s Tracking Affected by Ad Blockers? 

No. Gainsight PX uses client-side cookies (apt.sid and apt.uid) for user and session identification and relies on client-side JavaScript for tracking and displaying engagements. These cookies are classified as first-party cookies, tied directly to the domain or subdomain of the tracked web application. Since Gainsight PX is not listed on any block list, its URLs, cookies, and JavaScript are not blocked by the default settings of ad, cookie, or JavaScript blockers.

However, in case you come across a scenario where the PX domain ( is included in a blocker's default privacy settings, Gainsight recommends deploying PX using the proxy server option. With this deployment, all PX cookies and network calls are tied to the application's domain instead of the default servers. This ensures that tracking remains unaffected even if the default domain is blocked. For more information on how to implement a proxy server for PX, refer to the Enable PX Tracking with Proxy Server article.