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Knowledge Center Bot FAQs

1) Do we have the ability to create multiple KC Bot's? For example, KC BOT 1 to display on XXX URL, KC BOT 2 to display on YYY URL (OR) the app allows one KC Bot across the app?

You can create multiple KC Bots for the same product and use them to address different user groups by defining rules (including URL rule) in the Audience section. However, only one Bot that holds the highest priority is visible to the selected Audience. 

2) Can we target a specific audience using Knowledge Center? For example: Show to few OR show different content to different users?

You can configure the Audience using Rules, Account and Global Context options.

3) Under 'Guide Activation URL', it says 'Add activation URL (Required)'. What is this?

Guide Activation URL is the target URL on which the Guide needs to be launched.

4) Is it possible to click on Engagement via Knowledge Center Bot and have that engagement displayed on the page users are currently viewing and not direct users to another page?

Currently, it redirects users to the Guide Activation URL.

5) Which takes precedence in live KC Bot - KC Bot audience rules vs. audience rules of engagements included in KC Bot?

The audience rules selected in the KC Bot evaluate whether to show the KC Bot to the user. These rules do not qualify users for viewing engagements.

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