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Display Articles in Knowledge Center Bot

This article explains how to add documents from an external knowledge base to the KC bot (without using any integrations) and create categories to organize your documents. Gainsight recommends reading the Knowledge Center Bot article before proceeding with this article. 


You can use the PX Knowledge Center (KC) Bot to display content from an external knowledge base. Apart from integrating with external Knowledge bases, you can also directly add URLs for your knowledge center documents to the PX Bot. Once you add the article URLs, you can create categories and group your articles in categories. 

Note: For more information, refer to the Knowledge Bases article from the Additional Resources section.

If you have important documents like EBR decks or best practices that cannot be published to the knowledge base, you can add the documents to the KC Bot directly.

Add Articles to KC Bot

This section explains how to add documents from your knowledge base to the KC Bot. You can choose to either add content directly in the KC Bot or add a hyperlink of your article to the KC Bot.

To add articles to the KC Bot: 

  1. From the left pane, click Knowledge Center Bot.

  2. Click on an existing Knowledge Center Bot in which you want to add the article.

  3. Navigate to the Content section.

  4. Click on the Articles tab.

Create Article (N).jpeg

  1. Click Create. The Create Article window is displayed.

  2. Enter the following details:
    1. Name: Enter a name for your article. This name helps you identify your article.
    2. Title: Enter a title for your article. This can be the same as the Name.
    3. (Optional) Body: Paste the content of your article. You can either add all the content to the body section and not include any URLs, or add some content in the Body section and redirect users to your URL for more info.
    4. (Optional) Link: Add the URL of your article.
    5. Click Save.

Content added in the Body section is displayed within the Bot, and content present in the hyperlinked article is displayed in a new tab. If you wish to display the content present in the hyperlink within the Bot, use Integrations instead.

  1. Select the Added checkbox. This adds the article to the Bot.


Add Categories

This sub-section explains how to create categories to organize your articles.

To add categories:

  1. Click Category under the CATEGORY column for the required article.
  2. Enter a name for the Category and press enter or select Create Category name. 
  1. Similarly, create all of the articles and categories, as required. In this example, one article is created; EBR Review Meeting. This article is added to the categories EBR Files for 2021.


You can see a preview of how your articles appear in the KC bot, by navigating to the Editor section.

You can see that the content added within the Body section is displayed in the Bot. The content present in the hyperlink is opened when you click Read More (located at the bottom).

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