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How to Test In-app Engagements in Gainsight PX

This article explains how to test In-App Engagements in Gainsight PX.


Gainsight PX recommends that you test your engagements before launching them to your production environment. This helps to identify and prevent errors and unexpected engagement behaviors in the production environment.

Test In-App engagements

Test In-app engagements in one of the following ways:

  • If you have PX Tag installed on your non-production environment, you can create and test engagements on the Non-Production environment; OR
  • Use the Preview button. Navigate to Engagements > Editor > Edit in-app > Preview (this launches the engagement on your web app only as a Preview to you); OR


Select Users to Test an Engagement

Select users to test In-app engagements in either of the following ways:

  • Create a Segment and add Internal users who will be testing the engagement. Navigate to Create Engagement > Audience > Segment (from the list of Trigger Rules available on the right) > Select your Test User Segment > Trigger the engagement with other criteria in place only to Test Users; OR
  • Navigate to Create Engagement > Audience > Select User (from the list of Rules) > Select Email attribute from the dropdown > Set your email ID > Trigger the engagement only to yourself.


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