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Audience/Accounts Explorer FAQs

How are sessions defined in Px?

PX sessions are determined by tracking user activity within the application, and operate independently from the application's own session management or login/logout mechanisms. A PX session is initiated with the first recorded event for a user and concludes following a 30-minute period of inactivity, during which no user activity is detected by PX. Subsequently, any activity detected by PX from the same user, whether it occurs 31 minutes after the last event or at any point later — be it the next hour or day — triggers the start of a new PX session. Therefore, users may experience multiple PX sessions throughout a day, contingent on the frequency of 30-minute intervals of inactivity.

How is Number of Visits calculated?

Gainsight PX calculates by the number of new sessions the user has. A new session is created every half-hour of inactivity.

How are Active Users calculated?

Any user who logged into your webapp in the last 7 days is counted as “Active User”. PX will not include today since today (on the graph) tends to be partial data that will skew the metric.

In Audience Explorer, while looking at individual profiles, the recent activity section doesn’t bring the parent ‘Module’ name with it, only feature name, which doesn’t seem helpful in analytics.

We do not anticipate our customers collecting the analytics from Audience Explorer > User Profile page, hence it shows the feature name only. We use this view sometimes as a sanity check to see that features are collecting data after the mapping. We recommend navigating to Analytics > Features > Adoption. There you will find adoption usage/trends both at the Module and Feature Level, very easy to read or understand.

What is the Audience Explorer ‘Last Seen’ date/time stamp based on?

Gainsight PX captures the last seen for a user based on the session initialized event or identify event. 

Note: A session ends when a user is inactive for 30 minutes. 

You can change your subscription's time zone setting by navigating to Administration > Company & TimeZone.

How do I know when I need to include a URL in my Audience criteria (Single Page Application)?
  • You need to include a URL in the Audience criteria if the engagements need to be triggered when a user lands on the page.

  • Gainsight recommends using URLs for scoping the application areas. For a Single Page Application, the URL changes for different sections of the application. 
    Note: Use the wildcard (*) patterns for inclusion.

  • Use URLs for the exclusion of certain pages (for example, login and log out pages). As a safety mechanism, PX SDK prevents matching guides to appear in the wrong location for cases when the user just logged out.

What are the uses of Number of Users and Number of Visits filters in the Account Explorer?

The use of the Number of Users and Number of Visits filters are:

  • Number of Users: This filter helps identify the number of accounts that exceed specific user thresholds.
  • Number of Visits: This filter allows for monitoring of the most active accounts based on their frequency of product visits.
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