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ATTENTION: Documentation Updates are in Process
We are in the process of updating the screenshots, GIFs, and content to match the latest UX based on the Horizon Experience’s new look and feel. To learn more about the Horizon Experience in Gainsight PX, click here.


This article explains how to contact the PX Support team when things do not work as expected within the product. Before you reach out to PX support team, you can also search the Help Center for General FAQs, Installation guides, etc.

Login to Gainsight PX and Page Navigation

Login to Gainsight PX with your personal credentials. Gainsight PX Dashboard is displayed.

You can reach out to support via two ways:

  1. Option 1: Using Send Your feedback icon from Gainsight PX
  2. Option 2: By sending an Email

Option 1: Send Your feedback

  1. Click the Send your feedback icon in the upper right corner.
    send your feedback.png

Clicking the Send your feedback icon displays We’d Love To Hear From You window.

love to hear from you.png

  1. Select an issue type from the Select Category drop-down list as mentioned below.
    • Feature Request
    • Issue
    • General Feedback
    • Other
  2. Enter the title of your request, in the Subject textbox. For example, Question about boolean type.
  3. Enter the description of your request in the Description field.
  4. Click Submit.


Once the feedback is submitted, a ticket is generated in our system and you will receive an auto-generated email with your support request number.


Option 2: Sending an Email

User can also submit their request/feedback directly by emailing to

Once the ticket is submitted, our Gainsight PX Support team will begin working on the ticket. You will receive updates via email.

Option 3: Post to PX Community

Connect with PX product experts and other customers to ask questions, share best practices, and use cases, on the Gainsight PX Community.

Visit and click Sign Up. Then subscribe to the PX Ideas and PX Discussions forums to stay in the know!

Help Center

Help Center stores all the PX documents that can help you learn more about the product. You can find articles, help, advice to use PX product more effectively. refer to the articles available on


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