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Admin Console

This article explains how Admin Console helps admins to monitor the status of PX engagements and data synchronization with integration platforms.


Admin console is a one-stop location where administrators can monitor events such as the SDK runtime issues, status of engagements, and integration jobs in the Gainsight PX workspace. The console allows an admin to analyze the possible issues in an easy and scalable manner. 

Admin console provides the following monitoring options:

Engagement Monitoring

The Engagement Monitoring section helps you analyze the errors in the failed engagements. You can drill down each engagement, view the error list, and group them by error or browser details to achieve a detailed analysis. The Engagement Monitoring section identifies and displays the following types of errors: 

  • Checksum validations
  • Invalid HTML tags
  • Missing mapped element
  • Non-allowed HTML reference domains

With further drill down, you can view the user details and their recent activity that caused the particular error. This helps in root cause analysis and error fixing. 

Engagement Collisions

When a user qualifies to view one or more engagements, Gainsight PX checks the priority rules and shows the engagement based on the priority set. The application records such events in the Admin Console to help you track the conflicted prioritized engagements.  

The Engagement Collisions tab allows you to view the list of qualified engagements and the following details:

  • Name of the qualified engagement. Click on the engagement to navigate to the details screen. 
  • Name of the engagement(s) that conflicted (other qualified engagement(s)).
  • User who viewed the qualified engagement.

Note: In the event of a collision between the two engagements with the same qualification scope, any of the engagements can be shown first. The missed engagement is shown in another session when it qualifies once again.


Integration Sync Monitoring

The Integration Sync Monitoring helps to monitor the status of integration jobs such as data sync with the integrated applications/platform, the error details if any, and the number of records processed. The following fields/columns are displayed for each platform:

Field Name Description
Name The name of the platform with which PX is integrated for data synchronization.
Enabled Indicates whether the connection to the platform is established.
Status Indicates the status of the connection to the platform.
Last Successful Sync The date and time when the last successful data synchronization was performed.
Last Error The description of the last error that occurred during the data synchronization.
Number of records processed The total number of records that are imported or exported during the recent data synchronization.

Integration Sync Monitoring.png

You can drill down each platform record to view the completed data synchronization rounds and the corresponding details for each sync such as the date and time, success/failure status, exceptions and number of records processed.

Webhook Monitoring

When a Webhook event call is triggered, Gainsight PX captures and stores the Webhook information and tracking logs (errors). This information helps you analyze and understand the occurrence of each event. 

Navigate to the Webhook Monitoring tab on the Admin Console to view and analyze the Webhook call information such as the Success Count, Failure Count and date and time when the event occurred. From the Webhook Monitoring section, Gainsight PX allows you to:

  • Filter the Webhook calls by Product, Channel, Environment, Timeframe or Date range.
  • Drill down each Webhook event and view the error list by Event or Error from the Group By drop down. 
  • Drill down the event/error further to view the error information and event request payload. You can navigate to Webhook configuration or copy the payload.


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