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Gainsight PX User Feedback API


Gainsight PX User feedback API allows you to track your users feedback either from Send your feedback icon or Knowledge Center Bot. Once user submits the feedback, PX automatically receives the feedback with the help of this API.

aptrinsic('send', 'feedback', {feedbackObject});

Feedback Categories

You can submit the feedback by choosing any of the categories mentioned below:

  • Issue
  • Feature request
  • General Feedback
  • Other


If any user has his own category apart from the categories listed above, user can mention in the form of a label. Labels are customized to provide feedback and supports alphanumeric characters and underscores.

Feedback Analytics

You can filter the created labels and categories using Feedback analytics.

Filter by Category

Filter by Label

Here is an example call:

// Tracking User Feedback using Category

aptrinsic('send', 'feedback', {'category' : 'issue', 'subject' : 'feedback feature API', 'description' : 'put your feedback here'});

// Tracking User Feedback using Labels

aptrinsic('send', 'feedback', {'category' : 'issue', 'subject' : 'feedback feature API', 'description' : 'put your feedback here', 'labels' : ['my_label']});

Name Type Description
Subject string Feedback's subject
Description string Feedback's description
Category string

Feedback's category must be one of the following:

  • Issue
  • Feature Request
  • General Feedback
  • Other
Labels array<string> Custom labels to add to the feedback. Supports alphanumeric character and underscore
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