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Seed (Load) Gainsight PX with Users/Accounts

This article explains how to load Gainsight PX with Users/Accounts.


There may be cases where you'd like to load up your Gainsight PX subscription with an initial set of users and accounts.

For instance,

  • If you plan to send out email to users that may not have logged into your web application and would therefore not have been identified in Gainsight PX as a user.
  • Another reason to send Gainsight PX user / account data is if you want to augment the existing users or accounts with additional data coming from another platform or database.

Refer to the following resources to seed the historical data:

Sending user and account info to Gainsight PX is easy, simply build a script in your favorite language and follow the below steps:

  1. Iterate over each of the users/accounts you'd like to sync into Gainsight PX
  2. Make the appropriate Create or Update Account REST API call (see links for documentation) to sync the accounts into Gainsight PX
  3. Make the appropriate Create or Update User REST API call (see links for documentation) to sync the users into Gainsight PX

If you are not sure if Gainsight PX already has the account / user, simply make a Get Account / Get User call to see if data is returned.

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