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Team View Overview

Gainsight NXT in Salesforce CRM

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform, accessing through Salesforce Login. New and upgraded customers are deployed on Gainsight NXT. To learn more about Gainsight NXT in Salesforce, click here.

If you have not upgraded and are using Gainsight Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation here.

Not sure what your team is using? Click here.



Team View empowers your cross-functional team with rich customer data and collaboration capabilities within their primary system. Team View takes the tactical knowledge gathered by customer facing teams, and makes it visible for everyone else, including sales and executive teams. This article is designed to explain how Team View can solve problems and to tell users what they can expect to find in the Team View. The Team View widget is mainly designed for users who have the Gainsight NXT Viewer License. Team View provides customer information from Gainsight without ever leaving the account, case, or opportunity page in Salesforce. You can use this information to gain immediate insights into customer health, discover renewal opportunities, prepare for customer meetings, and more.

Admins can embed a Gainsight NXT widget in Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud to start improving the customer experience through better cross-functional alignment.

Advantages of Team View

Following are the advantages of Team View:

  • Get better Customer insights: Team View provides customer insights in a user’s primary system. This helps them prepare for customer calls or meetings, and stay in-the-know about the key dates and activities at that customer (e.g., upcoming renewal date, recent NPS® survey score, high priority support cases, etc).  

  • View interactions and schedule meetings: Team members can use the Timeline tab to quickly catch up on customer history, or schedule new meetings or appointments with customers based on their performance.

Examples of Team View Use Cases

Team View can assist with use cases across a variety of teams. The chart below details the types of moments and questions for different teams that Team View can help answer.

Team/Role Use Case
  • I’m about to walk into a meeting with this customer.

  • This customer emailed me, or I saw them at an event.

  • I’m starting a renewal process.

  • I’m hunting for expansion opportunities.

  • I haven’t worked with this customer before.

  • This customer seems anxious.

Services Is our project improving the customer’s health?
  • Who is this customer that’s a top user of Feature X?

  • Would this customer make a good beta tester?

Gainsight Viewer Licenses

The Viewer License gives every stakeholder the insight they need to make the customer successful. You can widely distribute customer insight to your internal peers or external partners with access to Gainsight information in their favorite channels.

The Viewer License provides read-only access to Gainsight Data and the ability to add or edit entries to the Timeline. Viewers can access Gainsight information through the following channels:

Gainsight User Types

  Full User Viewer User
Who it’s for Customer Success Managers, Account Managers, Technical Account Managers, Renewal Managers, Install-base Sales Support Reps, Project and Service Managers, Executives, New-logo Sales, Channel Partners
What’s Included Full read/write access to Gainsight data and functionality

Read-only access to the Gainsight data and functionality from C/R 360 and Timeline, exposed through:

  • Gainsight Widget within a user’s primary system (i.e., what can be displayed on a C/R360 view, Timeline in Salesforce widget).
  • Insights in Sally the AI bot via Slack.
  • C/R 360, Timeline, and Sally within the Mobile App.

Add and Edit Timeline posts; View-only access to Shared Dashboards (must be shared by Full users).

Edit access to MY Settings and Profile Page.

App Access Full Users have read/write access to all purchased apps. Viewer Users will have view-only access to C/R 360 (and purchased apps that live within C/R 360) and edit access to Timeline.
Data Access Full Users have access to all Gainsight data. Restriction to data can be controlled through Sharing Settings in Gainsight NXT. Viewer Users have view-only access to Gainsight data as presented in their channel of access. Restriction to data can be controlled through Sharing Settings in Gainsight NXT.


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