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Reports and Dashboards Overview

Gainsight NXT



Reports & Dashboards are the set of reporting tools that power your business intelligence. They comprise of several features that allow you to make the most of your data to generate business insights for your organization.

The benefits of using Reports & Dashboards include:

  • Usability - take advantage of the easy-to-use interface to build reports and dashboards with visually appealing charts and graphs.
  • Customization - leverage a wide range of options in data source, report visualizations, dashboard layouts, and other settings.
  • Integration - utilize reports and dashboards with other features in Gainsight, such as Customer 360, Email Assist, etc.

Gainsight Home is the primary location for all end users to view dashboards. From here, you can see all of the available dashboards based on your permissions.

You can use Gainsight Home to:

  • View all available dashboards.
  • Adjust global dashboard filters to filter data for all reports in a dashboard.
  • Email dashboards to Gainsight users as PowerPoint presentations.
  • Adjust the filters and visualizations types of individual reports.
  • Export individual reports as images, CSV or to Excel.

Reporting Capabilities

Gainsight offers a broad suite of reporting capabilities that include:

  • Various out-of-the-box reports, including reports for surveys, scorecards, timeline, email analytics and operational data on CSM productivity.
  • Sophisticated custom report builder that can build powerful table, bar, bubble and other chart types on any Gainsight standard or custom objects.
  • Flexible Dashboard Manager that lets you create dashboards for various roles or processes, such as Executive Dashboards, or a Renewals Dashboard.
  • Dashboards Permissions to assign permissions to dashboards and restrict a user/group of users from accessing a single or set of dashboards.

CSMs and AMs can view reports and dashboards on the Gainsight Home tab, as well as access UI Views on the Customers and Engagement tabs. Additionally, Admins may configure reports to display as a section in the Customer360 page, for CSMs and AMs to view for their individual customers. Only Administrators, or other users who are granted access to the report builder, can view and create reports in the Report Builder. Similarly, Administrators may grant access to Surveys and Journey analytics on a per survey and/or per user basis.

Gainsight analytics support time-series trends, as well as joining data from different subject areas. Below are a few examples of the custom reports you can build in Gainsight:


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