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Deploy Renewal Center Without Salesforce


Renewal Center can function independently without Salesforce, thereby supporting users who are managing renewals outside Salesforce or using other CRMs.  

This feature helps users to:

  • Create opportunities and the objects related to opportunities in Gainsight
  • Bring opportunity data from external data sources such as S3 bucket or CSV file using Rules Engine

Configuration Steps

To deploy Renewal Center without Salesforce:

  1. Enable Sync Options.
  2. Create Stages and configure Picklist values.
  3. Bring Opportunity data into Gainsight.

Enable Sync Options 

To start using Renewal Center independently, admin must enable sync options. To do this, navigate to Administration > Renewal Center > Data> Sync Options and select Gainsight.

Sync Options.jpg

Note: If you are configuring Renewal Center for the first time, the Gainsight sync option will be selected by default.

Create Stages and Configure Picklist Values

Configure stage objects first, and then proceed with creating Opportunity in Gainsight.

To get started, add the required Opportunity stages by navigating to Data Management > Dropdown Lists > RM Opportunity Stage.

Add new stage.jpg

Note: You must configure the Picklist values for RM Opportunity Stage, RM Opportunity Type, and RM Forecast Category from Data Management so that you can map them for stages.

The stage created will be available in the Stage section of the Data Operations page.

New Stage.jpg

Bring Opportunity Data into Gainsight

You can bring Opportunity data into Gainsight by performing one of the following steps:

  • Create Opportunity in Gainsight.
  • Pull Opportunity data from S3, CSV files using Rules Engine to Gainsight. For more formation refer to the S3 Dataset Tasks in Rules Engine article from the Additional Resources section.

Once you bring Opportunity data to Gainsight, you can complete the rest of the configuration as per the Configure Renewal Center article in the Additional Resources section.

Additional Resources

For more information about configuring Renewal Center, refer to the following articles:

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