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Success Snapshot FAQ

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When should I use Success Snapshot ?

Success Snapshot can be used during your business review meetings like: EBRs, QBRs, MBRs, etc. For more information, on Success Snapshot, refer Overview of Success Snapshot.

Can I create Success Snapshot for Company and Relationships?

Yes. You can create Success Snapshots for both Company and Relationships.

Can I insert tabular reports and visualizations from Report Builder to my Success Snapshot template?

Yes. You can insert both tabular and chart visualizations in the Report Builder to Success Snapshots template.

Can I insert my own customized images to Success Snapshot template?

Yes. You can upload your own customized image to the Success Snapshot template and re-use it while configuring other templates as well.

Can I insert my Success Plan to the Success Snapshot?

Yes. To configure Success Plan in Success Snapshot, refer, Configure Success Snapshot Template.

Can I export my Success Snapshot template, if yes, How?

Yes. You can export Success Snapshots from the Customer/Relationship 360 page. For more information, refer Export Success Snapshot Presentations.

How long is the Success Snapshot download link valid for?

The download link received via email, for the exported business review deck will be valid only for 7 days.

How end users can open Success Snapshot templates?

You can view the downloaded Success Snapshot templates in Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.

Can I delete a Success Snapshot, if I think I no longer want to use it?

Yes. You can delete, edit and clone a Success Snapshot template from the Repository page. For more information on how to delete a template, refer Configure Success Snapshot Template.

What will be the text format which I have newly added in the Success Snapshot template?

The newly added token/text will be honored with the format available on the first word of the text in the existing element (Default), if you didn’t modify the style formatting of the token/text.

Can I configure Google Slides in Success Snapshot?

Yes, you can import Google Slides from your Google Account and configure a Success Snapshot template. For more information on how to configure Google Slides, refer to the Configure Success Snapshot Template article.

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