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Sharing FAQs

Gainsight NXT - Articles Impacted due to July, 2023 Release

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our documentation is being updated to match the new July 2023 release (v6.37) navigation changes. Technical Communication team is working diligently to align everything as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.

For more information about the latest UI changes, click here.


With whom can I share the Shared360 (quick snapshot of the customer’s key information and product usage data)?

You can share the Share 360 with the following end-users/recipients:

  • Internal users who are within your organization using Gainsight license.
  • External users including customers, partners, etc., who are not part of your organization but need access to any company's business information.
What is OTP?

In the Sharing Settings area of the layout editor, admins can select the Enable OTP Verification check box to ensure additional security authentication for end-users. The One Time Password (OTP) verification process is optional, as it provides an additional layer of security to protect the data shared with external people and prevent misuse.

Notes: Only admins can decide whether or not the OTP is required for any specific layout and can also add an expiration period by which the link shared by CSMs/AMs can be accessed and viewed by the end-users. The following are a few limitations on OTP:

  • OTP can be generated for a maximum of five times per link.
  • End users can request the OTP three times.
  • If the OTP is expired, end users need to send a request to the person who shared the link for a new OTP.

For more information, refer to the Configure Share 360 article.

As a CSM, with whom and how I can share a configured dashboard?

You can share dashboards with internal users in your organization having Gainsight license. You can share the same through email as a link, with optional security settings. 

Are global filters preserved when sharing dashboards via link?

The global filter behavior via Dashboard Sharing is similar to when a user accesses that dashboard within Gainsight. When a user accesses that filter for the first time, any locked or default filters set by the admin will appear by default. Users can modify their own global filters (except those that are locked). One exception is that the user's previously customized filters are not saved if the link to the Shared Dashboard is reloaded.

Keep in mind that if the user clicks the Reset Filter button, the filter will revert to the original state as configured by the admin. This is usually "any" but could be any other search that the admin had saved.  

Shared dashboards respect locked filters set by Dashboard Sharing, for more information, refer to Global Filters for Dashboard.

For information on how to Share a Dashboard, refer Share Dashboards.

Note: Users can change the filters on dashboards shared with them (based on permissions set by the admin on locked filters). But if a user closes the dashboard and then reopen it using the link, it will revert to the filters set when the dashboard was first shared. It does not respect user state preservation.

Why am I getting an error message when I try to share a dashboard?

If you experience an error while attempting to share a dashboard from the dashboard page, please update your Sharing Settings and retry sharing. This error seems to be related to incomplete sharing configuration.

Can Admins rename the sections in Shared 360?

Yes, you can rename sections as shown below:

  1. Navigate to Administration >  360 Layouts.
  2. Click the EDIT icon of the specific Layout.
  3. Click the Edit button next to the section name.
  4. Click SAVE. The section name is updated.

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What should I do if facing issues while sharing dashboards weekly via emails?

With Gainsight's sharing capabilities, you can share dashboards, C360/R360 sections and Success Plans. While C360/R360 pages can be shared via Journey Orchestrator, you can't do this with dashboards straight out of the box.

But there is a workaround that is explained below. 

IMPORTANT: This process has a few important caveats that you'll want to pay attention to at the bottom of the instructions.


  1. Create a program (with an appropriate email template and participants) to send to the individuals to whom you want to share the dashboard. We'll come back to this program later in the process. For more information on building Programs, refer to How to Configure Programs (path).
  2. Navigate to the Administration > Dashboard Builder page
    1. Create a dashboard that you would like to share and enable sharing on that dashboard. For more information on building dashboards, refer to Configure Gainsight Home Dashboards (aka Layouts).
    2. For sharing settings:
  • Uncheck - Enable OTP Verification
  • Check - Add an expiration period (7 days)
  • Optional - Enable Export
  1. Using Gainsight Home page:
    1. Select your dashboard and click PREVIEW & SHARE.
    2. Under the PREVIEW & SHARE settings, click SHARE link and select yourself as the user to share the link with. You will receive an email with the link to the shared dashboard.
  2. Copy link address in the email message without opening the link.

IMPORTANT: Do not open the link in a browser window and copy the entire URL from the address bar. There is a token associated with the link once it's opened in a browser window that won't be reusable if you copy the link for use on another system.

  1. Return to the email template created in step 1. Update the email template with the link to the shared dashboard copied in step 4.
  2. Publish the program.


  • OTP cannot be enabled in this method as the password will only be sent to the original recipient of the email in step 4 above (which is you) and NOT to the recipients of the outreach.
  • Expiration period of 7 days is enabled to provide a measure of security. After the expiration period passes, the link will no longer be valid.
  • This method does not track all potential recipients of the shared link and as such you cannot revoke any specific user's access. The only security is the expiration period of the link.
The OTP I received through email is invalid. What should I do?

In case of repeated unsuccessful attempts, the link will become invalid/expired. Contact the person (CSM/AM) who shared the link with you to regain access.

Can I share C360 using Program emails?

Program emails can send Share C360 pages to people added to the Program Participant list. You can add a link or button to an Email Template and send it to participants using a Program. For more information, refer to the Send Share C360 Layouts through Programs article.

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