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Company Intelligence in C360

Gainsight NXT - Articles Impacted due to July, 2023 Release

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our documentation is being updated to match the new July 2023 release (v6.37) navigation changes. Technical Communication team is working diligently to align everything as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.

For more information about the latest UI changes, click here.


This article explains how users can view the Company Intelligence posts in Gainsight application on the C360 page of their company.


Users can view and add the Company Intelligence posts to Timeline in Gainsight application from the C360 page of their company. This allows users to view posts regarding companies and signals in which they are interested and helps them to stay informed about their customers and competitors.

Note: Admins can add the Company Intelligence section in the C360 page for all users. But, only the customers who purchased this feature can view the Company Intelligence posts on the C360 page.

Users using Company Intelligence in the C360 section are notified in the following ways:

  • A number indicating the actual unread posts adjacent to the Company Intelligence on the C360 page. Users can view the number of unread notifications highlighted in red when landed on the C360 page of the customer for which Company Intelligence is configured in C360.


However, when a CSM clicks on the Company Intelligence section, the highlighted number against the Company Intelligence section disappears immediately and the unread posts inside the Company Intelligence section in C360 are highlighted with red dots. These red dots indicate that these are the new posts and disappear only when the CSM moves to a different page.


  • As an in-app notification for the Companies that users follow. In the My Settings > Notifications page, the On Gainsight checkbox must be selected for the Company Intelligence event to receive the in-app notifications. These in-app notifications are applicable only for the posts received through the Company Intelligence section on the C360 page.

ci ON Gainsight.jpg

An in-app notification contains the following details for each post:

  • Type of Signal.
  • Name of the Company to which the post belongs. The company name is hyperlinked to the related C360 page.  
  • Title of the post which is hyperlinked to the source article.


Note: The On Gainsight checkbox is selected and grayed out for the Company Intelligence event if the users do not opt for the Company Intelligence feature.

Preloaded Company Intelligence News Posts

Company Intelligence preloads the news posts for the past six months when you add a company to the opt-in list for the first time. 

The advantages of preloading Company Intelligence news posts are: 

  • CSMs can easily view the updates of all major external business events of their accounts.
  • As the news posts are readily available, this eliminates users to search for particular company news manually. This saves a lot of time for the CSMs.

The Company Intelligence section does not display the unread notifications count for the preloaded news posts.

Note: Slack notifications, in-app messages, or emails are not sent for this preloaded data.


Admins must add this section to the layouts to make this section available for users on the C360 page.

To add the Company Intelligence section in the C360 page: 

  1. Navigate to the Administration > Company. The Company page appears.
  2. Click the C360 LAYOUTS tab.
  3. Click the three dots and select the Edit option for the layout you wish to add the Company Intelligence section.
  4. From the Available Sections, search for the Company Intelligence section.
  5. Drag and drop the Company Intelligence section into the Selected Sections area.
    Note: If required, Admins can edit the name of the section that must be displayed on the C360 page.
  6. Navigate to the C360 page of the Company. The newly added Company Intelligence section is displayed.

Scenarios of Company Intelligence Section in C360 

Once the Admin adds this section through C360 layouts to a default layout or custom layouts, multiple scenarios can be displayed on the C360 page.

The following scenarios can be viewed when the Company Intelligence section is added to the C360 layout:

  • Company Intelligence not Purchased: This screen is displayed if the customer has not purchased the Company Intelligence feature. 
  • Companies & Signals are not Configured: This screen is displayed if the customer purchased the Company Intelligence feature and not yet configured. To use this feature, your Admin must configure the companies and signal types to receive the relevant updates from intelligence posts.
  • Companies Configured and Resolved: The following scenarios can arise if the Company Intelligence feature is configured and the companies are resolved:
    • No Results Found Based on Configuration: This screen is displayed if news posts are not available for the configured companies.
    • Company Intelligence Posts Available: This screen is displayed if news posts are available for the configured companies and shown in this section. 
  • Configuration not Complete: This screen is displayed if the Company Intelligence configuration is not yet resolved. Hence, this company is currently not being tracked by Company Intelligence.
  • Company not Added to the Configuration: This screen is displayed if the Company is not added to the opt-in list of companies to receive Company Intelligence posts or is no longer a part of the opt-in list to receive Company Intelligence posts. Users can click the OK option to view all the previous posts when it was part of the opt-in list.

Company Intelligence Section in C360

Users can view the news posts for the configured companies in this section once the companies and signals are configured and resolved, with the most recent posts at the top.

Note: Currently, users cannot perform Create CTA action from the C360 page.

Only the latest six posts are displayed in the Company Intelligence section of the C360 page. Users can click the Show More… option to view the next set of six posts.

The following details are shown in each post:

  • The category of the Signal to which this post belongs, along with an icon.
  • Source of the article and date of post.
  • The title of the post, which is hyperlinked to the source article.
  • Brief description of the post.


Note: All the older posts are available even though the company is removed from the Company Intelligence opt-in list.

Filter Posts Based on Signals 

Users can filter their posts based on the different types of signals. By default, all the signals are selected. Users can multi-select the signals for reviewing the posts. 

Based on the signal selection from the Filters dropdown list, the respective news posts are displayed in the Company Intelligence section on the C360 page.


Search Related Posts

Users can use the Search icon to search the related posts based on their requirements on the Title as well as Description of the post. It applies to all the posts for that company. When users click the Search icon, the search field is displayed. The system auto searches the posts when the user enters a minimum of three characters in the search field.

If any filters are applied for the signals, a search is carried out only for the posts that belong to selected signals. 

Add to Timeline

Users can create a Timeline activity directly from the C360 > Company Intelligence section if they find any Company Intelligence post useful or important.

To post company intelligence information to the Timeline from C360 page:

  1. Navigate to the C360 page of a customer.
  2. Click the Company Intelligence section.
  3. Click the Ellipsis icon for the post you wish to create a Timeline activity.
  4. Click the Create a Timeline Activity option. A New Activity screen appears with auto-filled data.
  5. Click Log Activity.

Note: Duplicate entries of the same post are not allowed. Once the user creates a Timeline activity for a post, the Create a Timeline Activity option is replaced with the View Timeline Activity option.

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