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Use Customer360 (C360) to Prepare for Customer Meetings

Gainsight NXT

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. If you are using Gainsight CS Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation by visiting the home page, and selecting CS > Salesforce Edition.

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This article reviews the various components of the C360 page and how CSMs can use them effectively to prepare for customer meetings, presentations, and other important business gatherings.

Gainsight provides a variety of C360 sections out-of-the-box, but Admins can also create custom sections based on your organization’s needs. This article describes the most common C360 sections.

The C360 page has a DETAIL tab and a TIMELINE tab. The Detail tab provides a consolidated view of individual customer information by pulling data from a variety of sources. Your organization may include various sections in the Detail tab of the C360 page.  

The Timeline tab can be used to log Activities, such as Updates, Calls, Meetings, and Emails, along with notes from their customer interactions. The C360 Timeline view is automatically visible to users, and Admins can customize the layout for each of the activity types. For more information on Timeline, refer to Log Activities to Timeline.

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If you have suggestions about what to include in the C360, contact your Gainsight Administrator. Admins, for more information on how to configure the C360, see Configure the C360 Page & Section Types.

C360 Sections

This section describes some important sections of the C360 page which you can use to prepare for general meetings.

To navigate to the C360 page:

  1. Enter the name of the required Company in the global search box. A list of matching Company records are populated.
  2. Select the required Company. The C360 page of the selected Company is displayed.

Note: You can also navigate to any company’s C360 page by clicking the company name from other applications in Gainsight.

2. navigate to C360.gif


The Summary Section gives you a quick overview of your Customer’s current status by looking at important metrics like Open CTAs, Health Score, active Success Plans, NPS® score, and so on. You can also view important fields in the right pane of the Summary section, such as Industry, Renewal Date, etc. Contact your administrator if you wish to add a widget or field in the Summary section.    

For more information, see the Summary section of the “Overview of Customer 360 details” article.

3. Scorecard.png


The Scorecard section tracks the Health of a customer across various Measures. You can use this section to make notes for meetings, such as which Measures are healthy or unhealthy, the health score trend over time, and so on.  

Following are the few important actions that you can perform from this section:

  • You can modify any qualitative measures based on your knowledge of the customer.
  • You can adjust the score using the slider.
  • If the score is still valid, you use the Renew Score option to update the date associated with the score.

For more information, refer the Scorecards section of the “Overview of Customer C360 details” article.

4. Scorecards.png


Cockpit section displays all of the customer’s CTAs. You can prepare for your customer meeting with information on the number of Open CTAs, number of Risk CTAs, possibility of expanding business with a customer by reviewing expansion type CTAs, and so on.

5. Cockpit.png

For more information, refer the Cockpit section of the “Overview of Customer C360 details” article.


The Surveys Section helps you gauge the customer’s loyalty or satisfaction based on the NPS® score given by a customer. The NPS® RESPONSES tab displays recent and historical survey results in a graphical format. The NPS® dial displays the average NPS® score for a particular survey, depending on the survey participant from the specific customer. The detailed responses of each survey are available on the SURVEY RESPONSES tab. This section includes the details of all the surveys. You can click the eye icon icon for a Survey to view the responses given by the customer for that survey.    

For more information, refer the Surveys section of the “Overview of Customer C360 details” article.

6. Surveys.png

Sponsor Tracking

You can use the sponsor tracking section to track Sponsors, and get notified when there are  changes in Title, Company or any other important professional aspect of your Contacts. For more information on Sponsor Tracking, see Sponsor Tracking Overview.

7. ST.png


The Usage Section displays the modules of your product or service used by the customer, so you can understand which features are highly used and where there’s low usage or adoption. Based on customer usage data, you can prepare for meetings by concentrating on those modules which are most frequently used by customers.  

For more information on this section, refer Usage section in C360.  

Timeline View

In the TIMELINE view, you can log Activities, such as Updates, Calls, Meetings, and Emails, along with notes from the customer interactions. For instance, you can record important points of a meeting and then follow up with customer on those points in the subsequent meetings. Apart from this, you can also view the history of previous activities with customers and thus understand the current requirement of customer. For example, repeatedly asking for a feature enhancement, asking for a bug to be resolved, etc). You can accordingly prepare for meeting with a customer or your manager. For more information about Timeline, refer to Timeline Overview.

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