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Overview of Success Snapshot

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This article explains about the Overview of Success Snapshot.


Success Snapshot enables admins to generate Powerpoint Presentations and Google Slides with customer data and graphs from Gainsight, using your own customized presentation (business review deck) uploaded to the Success Snapshot repository, and help CSMs run their customer meetings (such as EBRs and QBRs). You can navigate to the Success Snapshot page from Administration > Success Snapshot. Success Snapshots is available for both Company and Relationships (if your org has configured Relationships in Gainsight). Once a Success Snapshot template is created and saved, CSMs can export them from the C360 and R360 pages respectively.


As a CSM Manager, to review your CSM activity with your customers during EBRs and QBRs, you may have your own customized business review deck, which is created outside of Gainsight. You can upload your customized business review presentations (PPTX) to Gainsight’s Success Snapshot repository, and once the PPTX is uploaded, you can then insert the Gainsight data to the uploaded PPTX, as per your business requirement. For example, you can insert Customer Info fields, add Adoption reports from the C360/R360 and reports from Report Builder, etc. And now, if you want your admin to add any customer data (like: Success Plans, Reports, Images, Tokens etc.) from Gainsight to your business review deck, admin can create a Success Snapshot template within Gainsight.

The following flow diagram explains the flow of how a Success Snapshot is configured and exported, within Gainsight.

Success Snapshots.png

Use Case: For example, you want to add a report from Gainsight to one of the slides's in the PPTX and describe the report in the form of a story. You can select an element or a placeholder in the slide and replace it with the required Report. Similarly, insert any data such as an image, text or tokens from Gainsight into the elements on the slide. Once admin configures the PPTX, CSMs can export the Success Snapshot PPTX from the Exports section in C360.

The benefits of using Success Snapshot include:

  • Efficiency - helps reduce time taken by the CSM to prepare for customer meetings and presentations.
  • Flexibility - based on your business requirement, you utilize multiple options to tailor the information in your business review PPT. For example, you can insert a report, update text, insert tokens, and upload image using customer data available within Gainsight.
  • Integration - connect with other Gainsight features like C360 and R360.

Example Use Cases for Success Snapshot

  • Your CSM has created a presentation for QBR, outside of Gainsight, fully formatted and customized according to your corporate/company standards, and want to add a Usage Data Report from Gainsight to the presentation.  
  • Your Director of Customer Success wants ARR of a customer to be shown in the presentation, which you have created outside of Gainsight for your QBR meeting.
  • Your Executive wants a write-up for a report inserted from Gainsight.

Additional Resources

To create a Success Snapshot, admins must upload the fully customized business review presentation (pptx) to Gainsight, and can set up one or more Success Snapshots. For more information on how to create a Success Snapshot, refer to the Configure Success Snapshots Template article.

To export a Success Snapshot from the C360 page, refer to the Export Success Snapshots Presentations.

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