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Gainsight NXT - Articles Impacted due to July, 2023 Release

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our documentation is being updated to match the new July 2023 release (v6.37) navigation changes. Technical Communication team is working diligently to align everything as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.

For more information about the latest UI changes, click here.


The customer journey isn’t just driven by the Customer Success Team (or its equivalent). Anyone who touches the customer, from Marketing to Sales to Billing to the Channel Partner, are all involved and responsible for delivering long-term success. You need to rally your team to align all these stakeholders on one playbook for insight and action.

Customer Success for all starts with sharing access to Gainsight across the extended team. Gainsight Users can share insight, metrics, success plans, reports, and dashboards with any team member; whether they are an employee, partner or even the customer themselves. Examples of people and teams:

  • Internal teams like support, finance, sales, marketing, etc. who touch the customer as part of their charters
  • Executives who want insight into their customers, whether it be strategic insight into major trends or summaries of the top at-risk companies
  • Customer’s own teams who want to collaborate with their vendor on their success
  • Channel Partners who want access to end-customer data and to collaborate with their vendor
  • Slack users who have access to the Gainsight bot, Sally and want to easily inquire about key customer data

Sharing Gainsight data with colleagues and other stakeholders is helpful in:

  • Aligning internal teams on the customer goals and their role in the customer journey:

    • Share one unified understanding of the customer with a central 360 page and Overall Health Score
    • Drive coordinated action based on best-practices by assigning out automated tasks and Calls-to-Actions.
  • Handing off one central plan that contains the customer’s long-term objectives from team-to-team, to ensure your company never loses sight of what’s important to the customer
  • Proactively sharing a dynamic view of the customer with partners or customers
  • Collaborating with partners or customers on a Success Plan and tracking the action needed on both sides to achieve it
  • Automatically sending regular reports and dashboards to communicate high-level trends

Following are the channels through which Gainsight Users can share Gainsight data:

Share 360

This feature helps CSMs/AMs to share customer information (in read-only mode) with non-Gainsight users. This feature provides end-users a quick snapshot of the customer’s key information from C360/R360 page in preparation for meetings with the customers. For more information, refer Shared 360 (For CSMs).


Sally is a Slack bot from Gainsight that makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible through simple conversation. Admins can grant access to Sally to Slack users. For more information, refer to Sally in Gainsight NXT.


With Gainsight Programs, you can design multi-step email outreaches that guide your customer through a responsive series of email interactions to reach an enhanced outcome. Programs can help you:

  • Translate your existing customer data into purposeful communication campaigns
  • Guide customers to outcomes with precisely orchestrated outreaches
  • Gain greater insight with sophisticated funnel analytics

For more information, refer Introduction to Programs.

Export Success Snapshots

Success Snapshots enable admins to generate PowerPoint presentations containing data and graphs from Gainsight, using your own customized presentation  (business review deck) uploaded to the Success Snapshot repository, and help CSMs run their customer meetings (such as EBRs and QBRs). You can navigate to the Success Snapshot page from Administration > Success Snapshot. Success Snapshots is available for both Accounts and Relationships (if your org has configured Relationships in Gainsight).Once a Success Snapshot template is created and saved, CSMs will be able to export them from C360 and R360 pages respectively. These presentations can then be shared by email or in customer meetings. When a success snapshot is exported, CSMs receive it as a Powerpoint presentation via email. For more information on how to export success snapshots, refer Export Success Snapshot Presentation from Customer 360 Page.

Export / Share Success Plans

CSMs can also share a Success Plan or Objectives in a Success Plan with internal users or external contacts as a hyperlink via email. Admins must first configure a Success Plan for sharing, with optional security settings. For more information on how CSMs can share a Success Plan or Objectives in a Success Plan, refer Share Success Plan.

Export / Share Dashboards

Gainsight users can export dashboards from the Gainsight Home page and send them via email to other Gainsight users as a PowerPoint presentation (PPT). For more information, refer ‘Email/Export Dashboard to Gainsight users’ in Gainsight Home (Dashboards) Overview.

Similarly, Gainsight users can share a dashboard as a hyperlink via email with a user from the Gainsight Home tab. The dashboards must first be configured for sharing by the admin, with optional security settings. The configured dashboard can then be shared through email as a link. For example, a CSM can share the Monthly Renewals dashboard with the CRO of the company, via email with a link. For more information on how to share the dashboard, refer Share Dashboards.

Email Task

This feature helps CSMs to send emails with Survey links and Reports from Gainsight to their customers. For more information, refer to Send Emails from Cockpit.

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