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Cockpit New Functionalities and Improvements (Horizon Experience)

Gainsight NXT

This article supports Gainsight NXT, the next evolution of the Customer Success platform. If you are using Gainsight CS Salesforce Edition, you can find supporting documentation by visiting the home page, and selecting CS > Salesforce Edition.

Not sure what your team is using? Click here.


This document provides a quick overview of the new capabilities, design improvements, and some changes that you may observe in the new UI.


We would like to upgrade all our customers to the Cockpit Horizon Experience and request you to manually enable this for your organization. Admins must turn ON the Enable Cockpit Horizon Experience toggle button from the CTA page.

Enable Cockpit Horizon Experience

Enabling this feature is a one time action, and you cannot undo it because all of the existing data from the older version is migrated to the new Cockpit. 

To enable Cockpit Horizon Experience:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Call To Action.
  2. Turn on the Enable Cockpit Horizon Experience toggle button. A new dialog appears.
  3. Click TURN ON.


  • The process to enable this feature might take several minutes to complete. You will receive a notification email once it is completed.
  • You can contact Gainsight Support if you encounter any error during the upgrade process.


IMPORTANT: Following are some of the differences you might observe once you are in the new experience:

  • CTA Tasks are displayed in a separate tab in the CTA Detail View screen.
  • The Next task due date is not displayed below the task count, instead, it is a new column in the list view.
  • When creating recurring CTAs, the option to recur them yearly is no longer available.

Newly Added Functionalities

The following are some of the newly added functionalities in Cockpit:

  • New and improved User Interface (UI) based on the Gainsight Horizon System.

1. Cockpit New1.png

  •  With this functionality, you can update any CTA details directly from the Cockpit List View page by clicking on the field. Some of the examples are status, due date, owner.
    • Status:

2. Cockpit New2.png

  • Due Date:

3. Cockpit New3.png

  • Owner:

4. Cockpit New4.png

  • View the details of a CTA easily with the following enhancements to the CTA Detail View page:
    • Improved readability of fields
    • Two Column Layout 
    • Responsive width based on screen size

5. Cockpit.png

  • Add a new list view column on the Cockpit List View page. This is simplified to show the standard fields upfront.

6. Cockpit New list view.png

  • Ability to add any number of columns to the Cockpit List View page.

  • Reorder columns and sort on columns directly on the Cockpit List View page.

  • Filtering is much easier with a Basic and Advanced view creation experience.

  • Update/Apply filters directly from the Cockpit List View page. 

  • Color coding of Type/Status/Reason based on admin colors defined.
  • For each CTA the “Next open task due date” can be added as a separate column in the list view.
  • The profile pictures of the users added to the User Management or My Profile page are visible on the Cockpit page. User initials are displayed if the profile picture is not added. For more information on how to add a profile picture to a user, refer to the Gainsight User Management article.
    Note: Users can see profile pictures in the CTA list and detail views, but not when assigning owners (while searching).

Profile Pic.png

Changes from Existing Functionality

The following are some of the changes to existing functionalities in the Cockpit:

  • [IMPORTANT] For the Cockpit Views using an advanced filter, any filter applied on the CTA Owner is applied for both CTAs and Tasks. But for Basic filters, it is applied only on the CTA Owner.
  • Tasks are displayed in a separate tab in the CTA Detail View screen, instead of an expand/collapse option in the Cockpit List View page. There is no difference in the number of clicks to view the tasks of a CTA in the old and new UI.

7. Cockpit New9.png

  • The Next task due date is not displayed below the task count. It is now a new column that users have to add to the list view.
  • For Recurring CTAs, the yearly option is not available.
  • 'Font Family' selection no longer available in RTE fields in the cockpit.