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Gainsight NXT FAQs

What is Gainsight NXT?

Gainsight NXT (pronounced Next) is the next evolution of our product that extends our technology to make Gainsight faster, more flexible, and better looking than the version our customers know and love.

It keeps the advantages of Gainsight’s architecture you’re familiar with, while delivering five new benefits outlined below. Check out this 3-min. video for a preview of Gainsight NXT. (produced May 2020)

Who came up with the name NXT?

What can we say, our CMO likes capital letters and has a thing against vowels.

What benefits does NXT offer to existing Gainsight customers?

NXT offers five new benefits for our existing customers:

  • Independence from your CRM, so you can quickly address your team’s needs and enable new use cases. In NXT, Gainsight offers robust integrations options while making administration fully independent - so your time-to-value isn’t dependent on other teams with different priorities.

  • Flexible CRM integration to future-proof your program against potential changes to your organizational structure or preferred tech-stack. NXT is built on our independent architecture and isn’t tied to a single CRM instance, so NXT can adapt to whatever your future holds.

  • Easy user provisioning to extend Gainsight access to new roles, so everyone has the customer insight they need. With NXT, Gainsight access is not dependent on CRM access, making it easy for all parts of your business to access and act on customer information.

  • Exciting new roadmap to improve all parts of your customer lifecycle. The architecture of NXT isn’t constrained by previous technical limitations, giving Gainsight new space to grow and deliver the industry-leading innovation we are known for.

  • Enhanced user experience and performance improvements throughout. We’ve taken every opportunity to improve the user experience and system performance throughout NXT, and it’s paying off in the form of faster page load times and more intuitive navigation.

Does this mean Gainsight is introducing a new platform?

No, Gainsight NXT is built on the same platform (known as the Matrix Data Architecture (MDA)) that has been the foundation of the Gainsight product since 2014. The MDA is a seamless extension of the user experience we provide in Salesforce and is where we do the majority of our data storage and processing. In fact, our core features like Timeline and Journey Orchestrator were built from the ground-up on this platform. So, all of Gainsight’s 500+ customers have been using this platform every day for five years.

What does this mean for how Gainsight works with Salesforce?

Because of our close partnership with Salesforce and the fact that nearly 85% of our customers also use Salesforce, we will continue to offer the same world-class system integration between Salesforce and Gainsight that our customers highly value.

We also know that Customer Success is not a movement that’s isolated to the Salesforce ecosystem. To include these companies in our Customer Success community, we will be introducing robust integrations to other CRMs, starting with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

How can I tell if I am using NXT or Salesforce Edition?

Check out this article to determine if your environment is currently NXT or Salesforce Edition.

Will there be a cost implication for existing customers?

No, our subscription pricing for NXT will remain aligned to our previous pricing structure. As always, we encourage you to discuss the specifics of your contract with your Gainsight Account Executive or Client Outcomes Manager.

In terms of the upgrade process, Gainsight will be investing all technical work needed to upgrade to NXT. We will be offering three packages that pair this technical investment with different levels of service according to your organization’s needs.

Can you tell me more about the NXT Salesforce experience?

Sure! All the goodness that our customers valued about how Gainsight and Salesforce work together before will work the same way in NXT:

  • User Access: Users who hold both a Salesforce & Gainsight License can continue to access Gainsight through their Salesforce Login. For Gainsight Viewer/Limited License Holders, they will continue to see the Gainsight Widget on the Salesforce Account, Opportunity and Case Pages. For Gainsight Full License Holders, they will continue to have full read/write access to all of Gainsight’s UI in Salesforce.
  • Data Sharing & Sync: Users who hold both a Salesforce & Gainsight License will continue to have native access to both Salesforce & Gainsight data through the Gainsight UI in Salesforce. For example, the way you can display a report of Salesforce Opportunities on your Gainsight 360 Page remains unchanged. Your Admin will also still be able to build rules and reports on combined Salesforce and Gainsight data without data synchronization.

What will be different:

  • For Full Gainsight License Holders accessing through Salesforce, the Gainsight UI will appear as a single tab in Salesforce (as opposed to multiple Gainsight tabs). You will be able to navigate between Gainsight pages using a left-hand navigation bar instead of clicking between Salesforce tabs. We think you’ll like the change!

Will my Gainsight Users need to hold a Salesforce License?

Gainsight users will need to hold a Salesforce License if (and only if) they intend to access native/live Salesforce data within the Gainsight UI. For example, they will need a Salesforce License to view Salesforce Case records on the 360 View, view a report on Salesforce Opportunity records, or link a Call-to-Action to a Salesforce Contact.

What about my Gainsight users who don’t hold a Salesforce License?

If you have Gainsight users who do not have access to Salesforce, they no longer have to bother with the Salesforce login process. They will be setup with a Gainsight Login and username and will log into Gainsight NXT through Direct Gainsight Login.  

These users will be able to access Salesforce data that’s been integrated into Gainsight via our Salesforce Connector. And any modifications that these users make to Salesforce data can be pushed back to Salesforce to keep your data in sync.

Can you tell me more about the NXT Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience?

Why, of course! Our integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (and our future CRM integrations) will mirror what we’ve done with Salesforce. The integration works with the Cloud version of Dynamics Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds and will include:

  • User Access: Users who hold both a Microsoft Dynamics and Gainsight license can access Gainsight UI within Microsoft. Right now, Gainsight Viewer License holders can access the Gainsight Widget on the Account or Opportunity Form. In the future, Gainsight Full License holders will have full read/write access to Gainsight’s UI in Dynamics (stay tuned – it’s coming soon!).

  • Data Sharing & Sync: Our productized connector will pull in Company, Contact and User data from Dynamics into Gainsight.

How can I start using NXT?

We are now scheduling upgrades in 2020 and 2021. If you’re interested in upgrading, please contact your Client Outcomes Manager or email Here’s some more questions we think you might have as an existing customer:

  • What does a general upgrade path look like and how long does it take? The upgrade path and timeframe are determined by your environment specifics (i.e., features configured, volume of data). Gainsight services will do an initial assessment of your environment and then recommend a plan to get your new NXT deployment up and running with your existing configuration and data as well as transition your users.

  • Can I continue to use Gainsight during the upgrade? Yes, the upgrade to Gainsight NXT will not impact your ability to use your current Gainsight environment and, if there are any periods of limited availability, this will be scheduled during off hours that will not impact your users.

Are there any implications to Gainsight’s Security Certifications or protocols? Do I need to bring in my IT team again?

No, since NXT doesn’t use any new or different components than before, there’s no changes to our enterprise-grade security practices. But we like your IT team and we’d be happy to chat with them if they want to know more (just ask your Client Outcomes Manager).

Will Gainsight continue to release enhancements and new features to Salesforce Edition?

Gainsight will continue to release enhancements to Salesforce Edition for the foreseeable future. There will be some instances where the technical requirements of a new feature will dictate that it’s only offered on NXT and we’ll call those out clearly in our documentation. When it makes sense for our existing customer base, we will start to release enhancements exclusively to NXT. NXT is the future for Gainsight and we’re very excited about what this next phase of our platform evolution holds for the Customer Success community.

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