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Gainsight Mobile App Overview

Why use the Gainsight Mobile App?

CSMs, Account Managers, and Executives need quick customer information while on the go – whether they’re headed to a customer meeting, traveling, meeting customers at conferences, or juggling a busy schedule. With limited time and many customers, CSMs and AMs also need to quickly know if key customers are at risk. Gainsight Mobile App allows you to access Timeline Activities, key customer information using Sally, and view Notifications received directly from your smartphone while on the go!

Supported Devices

Currently, the Gainsight Mobile App is available only for iOS users, and works across iPhone 6 and higher editions.


  • To use Gainsight Mobile App: Salesforce users logged in via Log in with Salesforce must first sync MDA standard objects (Company, Relationship and User) with Salesforce objects (Account, Relationship and User) in their web application, using Gainsight Connect.


The app is available to all users with a full or viewer Gainsight license.

Note: Currently, if a tenant is hosted in the regions of Europe, we aren't supporting mobile access to these tenants.

Download Gainsight

You can download Gainsight Mobile App only from the App Store.


To download Gainsight Mobile App:

  1. Go to the App Store on your phone. Type “Gainsight” into the search bar. This will bring up the Gainsight app, which is free to download (or) tap the download link, to install the app on your mobile.

  2. Tap GET, to give Gainsight the permissions it requires to run. This will automatically start the download and installation process.

Gainsight Appstore.png

  1. Once the download is complete, tap OPEN to login to Gainsight.


Gainsight Login

The login method may vary based on the Gainsight Edition you are using. To identify which edition of Gainsight you are using, refer Gainsight Editions.

To login to Gainsight Mobile App:

Gainsight Salesforce Edition Users

  1. Tap the Log in with Salesforce button.

  1. Enter your Salesforce Username and Password and tap the Log In button, (OR) Tap the Use Custom Domain button to login using your Custom Domain name. For example: If your Custom Domain name on Salesforce is ABC, type ABC and tap Continue.

Login .gif

Before you tap Continue, you will see the following Splash Screen, that helps you understand how to login to Gainsight using custom domain.

Custom Domain.jpeg

Important Note: To check whether or not you have a custom domain set up in Salesforce, please look at the browser URL. If it says, then foobar is the custom domain that needs to be entered in the Use Custom Domain screen. Adding username and password directly will not work. Also, if you have SSO configured in your Salesforce instance, adding a custom domain is the only way to log in.

If you have enabled SAML/Google Authentication in your org, you will be navigated to the login page of SAML/Google Authentication. After your successful login, you will automatically land on the Gainsight App.

Gainsight NXT Users

  1. Enter your Gainsight domain name in the text box, and click Next.

Login for NXT.gif

  1. Enter your Email Address and Password, and tap the LOG IN button.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone X - 2019-05-21 at 11.50.32.png

Gainsight App Overview

Gainsight App includes the following capabilities:


Timeline is the Gainsight Mobile app Landing tab. Timeline offers a global view for all of the activities for all Companies and Relationships in a centralized area. You can also view your activities in Drafts.

You can view inline tasks in activities created from web application, but you cannot create inline tasks from Gainsight Mobile app.

Note: Gainsight Salesforce Edition users cannot see the inline tasks in activities.

Timeline View.gif

From the Timeline tab, you can:

  • Log an Activity, by tapping +.

Tap +.gif

  • Tap Log after you complete the Timeline entry.
  • If you want to save a Timeline entry to Drafts, tap Close (X) on the top left of the screen and you can see the following options. 

Image from iOS (2).png

  • Edit/Delete an Activity, if you are the owner of the activity. In the activity detail view, you can access the pencil and trash/delete icon in the top right corner.

Edi Activity.gif

  • Use the Search and Filter options in the top right corner, to narrow down the list of activities displayed.

    Notes: You can search and filter the records by Company/Relationship Name, Relationship Type, Activity Name, Activity Type, and Author.

    Limitation: Creation of Inline tasks is not supported.

Search and Filter.gif

  • Tap on an activity to view the details of an activity.

View Activity.gif


Sally, the AI-powered bot, makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible through simple conversation. Asking Sally questions is just like asking a real person, and machine-learning technology helps her get smarter with each interaction.

To get started with using Sally in the application, tap Sally. You can query information on the following entities:

  • Account/Company
  • Relationship
  • Relationship type
  • User (Logged in user, example: My CTAs)
Sample Queries

Following queries can be entered in the search box:

  • For an Account: get the Health Score, CSM, NPS, CTA Summary details.
    Sample Query: Health Score of <Company Name>
  • Get the summary of CTAs assigned to you.
    Sample Query: My CTAs
  • Get the CSM of a customer.
    Sample Query: CSM of <Company Name>

Sally .gif

Intents Supported

Following are the intents supported in Sally at Account/Relationship level.

  1. Summary: When you search for a Company/Relationship, Sally displays the options to choose from. If you choose to tap Summary, it displays the details of the Company/Relationship.

  1. Attributes: When you tap Attributes, Sally displays the values fetched from the fields in the specific Company/Relationship object.

  1. Health Score: When you tap Health Score, Sally displays the specific Company/Relationship overall Health Score.

  1. NPS Survey: When you tap NPS Survey, Sally displays the result which is calculated as the difference between the percentage of Promoters and Detractors. It is not expressed as a percentage, but as a number between -100 and +100. The search result also displays when it was published and the most recent responses.

  1. CSM: When you tap CSM, Sally displays the name of the CSM for the specific Company/Relationship.

  1. CTA Summary: When you tap CTA Summary, Sally displays the summary of the open CTAs/Tasks for a specific Company/Relationship.

  1. Sponsors: When you tap Sponsors, Sally displays the list of sponsors for a specific company.



After you download and successfully login to Gainsight Mobile App, you will see the following screen. Tap LET'S DO THIS and then tap Allow to push notifications ON to get timely updates and insights from Gainsight.

Lets Do this.gif

You can see the following Notification Banner in the Notification Center, only when you don't allow permissions to push notifications. This option will let you Allow Permissions for Push Notifications anytime within the App, without having to navigate to the Mobile Settings.
Note: You can view the Notification Banner only if there is at least one notification in the Notification Center.

Image from iOS (1).png

The following image shows how Push Notifications appear on your mobile.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 12.17.13 PM.png  

Tapping Push Notifications will allow you to enable/disable the @mentioned in Timeline and Meeting insights and notes toggle buttons.

To enable Notifications:

  1. Tap Notifications.
  2. Tap Update notification preferences.
@mentioned in Timeline

Enabling the @mentioned in Timeline toggle button will allow you to receive notifications initiated from the web/mobile, when you are mentioned in an Activity, irrespective of whether you’re following the customer.

Note: You can also disable the @mentioned in Timeline toggle button, anytime if you wish not to receive notifications.

push 1.gif

Meeting insights and notes

By default, you will see that the Meeting insights and notes toggle button is enabled, after syncing your calendar events with Gainsight Mobile App. The enabled status of the Meeting insights and notes indicates that you will receive notifications for all your external events/meetings (customer meetings), 10 minutes before. 

For more information on Calendar connection, click Calendar connection.

Note: You can also disable the Meeting insights and notes toggle button, anytime if you wish not to receive notifications.

meeting insights notes Off.gif

The following image shows how a notification is displayed on your mobile, when the Gainsight Mobile App is running in the background.



Push Notifications

Tapping Push Notifications will allow you to enable/disable the @mentioned in Timeline and Meeting insights and notes toggle buttons.

Calendar Connection

As an executive of a company, you may be involved in various meetings with your customers everyday. Using Calendar connection, before meeting your customer, you can get some meaningful and proactive insights, that helps in quickly understanding the current state of the customer before-hand.  

You can sync your Google/Outlook calendar events to Gainsight Mobile App, and can get notifications for all your events (10 minutes before) pre-meeting. Clicking on the notification, displays 360° Summary of Customer and a pre-filled Timeline Meeting draft for a quick note.

Calendar Connection looks for the attendees email addresses, and finds a matching Company–Person record. External attendees will receive notifications, only if the person record is added to the Company-Person object.


  • Any changes to an event such as StartDate, EndDate, Subject are honored (addition or deletion of internal or external attendees, etc.), 15 min before the meeting.
  • Calendar connection can send pre-meeting notifications to the organizers and all internal attendees (mobile users) of a meeting/event, except for the ones who have declined it.
  • Calendar connection doesn't send notifications to the internal attendees whose email addresses are duplicating in the GS User object.

Know Limitations:

  • An event with multiple external attendees belonging to different companies is not supported, and hence not notified.
  • Delay in notifications can be expected considering Google/Outlook not sending real-time notifications on time.
  • External attendees added to the meeting will not receive notifications, if the records are not available in Company–Person object.
  • External attendees added to the meeting that have duplicate records in Company–Person object will not receive notifications

To enable Calendar Connection:

  1. Tap Calendar connection.

  2. Select the calendar you want to sync with, either Google or Office 365/Outlook.

  3. Tap Connect.

  4. Enter your email address.

  5. Tap Next.

Sync Calendar.gif

If you have encountered some issues with the calendar sync, see Troubleshooting section for more information.

If you have enabled SAML/Google Authentication in your org, you will be navigated to the login page of SAML/Google Authentication. After your successful sign in, tap Allow and you will see the meetings/events sync will begin.

SAML login_1.gif

After a successful sync, you will now start receiving notifications for all your events (10 minutes before) pre-meeting. Clicking on the notification, displays 360° Summary of the Customer you are going to meet, and a pre-filled Timeline Meeting draft for you to make some quick notes.

Tapping Post to Timeline will log this event to Timeline, under Meeting category. And, you will no longer see this event in the notifications tab.  

Calendar Recording 1.gif


If you couldn't sync your calendar events or might have encountered an issue with the calendar connection, you will see a red dot on the Settings icon, as shown in the following image. To resolve this issue, you need to perform actions like Try again or Reauthorize. After performing the the necessary actions, it may take sometime for the new changes to reflect (success or failure).

Troubleshoot CC.png

Try again: performs the re-sync for calendar events, in case of any failure. Try Again can be used only once.

Note: If Try again fails, it means something might have went wrong and we recommend you to contact Gainsight Support.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 12.10.16 PM.png

Reauthorize: helps Gainsight request calendar access again for users whose account has been revoked for some external reasons.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 12.10.04 PM.png

Note: If Try again fails, it means something might have went wrong and we recommend you to contact Gainsight Support.

Help and support

Tapping Help and Support will navigate you to this support document (Gainsight Mobile App Overview).

Log out

Tapping Logout will log you out of your session.


What’s Coming up Next

  • Work on Android version will begin soon.

You will be notified of any updates to the Gainsight app and they can be installed via TestFlight.


We strongly value your input. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, or about what you think can be improved. Tap Submit your feedback to send us your comments and feedback.

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