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Team View FAQs

I do not have a Gainsight License. Can I still see the Team View widget?

Yes,even with a Gainsight Viewer License or Limited License you can view the Gainsight Team View widget on the Accounts and Opportunity Detail views.

How can I access the Team View widget?

The Team view widget is located on the detail view of Account and Opportunity pages for:

  • Salesforce Sales cloud

  • Salesforce Service cloud

You can find the Team View widget on the Case detail view in the Salesforce Service Cloud Console and Zendesk.

What is the definition of a Viewer License?

View-only has access to the apps the customer has purchased through the channels (Team View, Sharing or Sally). As of today, this is typically the data and functionality that can be displayed on a 360 view (which can be accessed through Team View).

Example: A Viewer user can’t access Advanced Outreach. But they can view a report of Advanced Outreach results through Team View.

What data I can view on the Team view widget?

Some of the items displayed on the Team View widget are:

  • Existing Call to Action (CTA) for the corresponding Account or Opportunity.

  • Summary of the corresponding Account or Contact.

  • Health scorecard.

  • Account Hierarchy of an Account

  • Cases

  • Interactions with the customer in the past and to be performed in the future (Timeline tab)

Note: The items displayed on your Team View widget depends on the license you own.

Some specific data which I wish to see is not displayed in the Team View widget. What should I do?

Your admin can configure the available data and sub-tabs in the Team View. If you are unable to view any specific tab or data, contact your administrator.

As an Admin, how can I set up the Gainsight widget?

On the Account or Opportunity detail view page, click Edit Layout. The Account layout page is displayed. For additional instructions, refer Setup Gainsight team view article.

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