Gsnap helps CSMs send a 60-second personalized video recording of yourself to one or more contacts, along with notes and attachments. CSMs can send personal introductions and welcome new customers with a Gsnap recording. Or, a CSM could invite a customer to respond to an important survey, or personally thank them for sharing product feedback. Gsnap has many applications, but the key to this fun new social feature is that it enables you to quickly and easily connect with a contact in a very personal way. (See below for more ideas on when/how to use Gsnap.)

Recipients don’t need to download anything; they’ll just click a link within an email to view the Gsnap. Recipients can acknowledge the Gsnap with a quick “Thanks” option, or share it with others.

The following procedure describes how a CSM can create Gsnaps. Before you can create Gsnaps, your Admin must complete some basic configuration. Admins, please refer to the Gsnap Configuration article for more information.


  • You must have the Flash plugin installed in your browser.
  • We recommend that users record Gsnaps using the Chrome browser. Currently, some Gsnap functionality may not work as intended in IE or Safari.

Tips before you start recording:

  • Write down the key points you want to cover since you only have 60 seconds!
  • Ideally, find a quiet spot to record, and be aware of the background of your shot.
  • Prepare to be on camera and smile a lot!
  • Look directly at your webcam and it will look like you’re making eye contact with the viewer.

At a high level, you will perform the following steps to record and send Gsnaps:

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To create a Gsnap:

1. Navigate to the Gsnap tab.

By default, if you don’t have any Gsnaps, the Sent page appears as shown in the image below.

2. (Optional) Hover on the orange icon to reveal a second blue icon, which takes you to a demo of the Gsnap feature. The link in this demo takes you to our documentation for Gsnap.  

3. Click the Record a Gsnap icon.


  • Using the drop-down boxes, highlighted in the image above, you can select the desired Webcam and Microphone. In addition, you can click the mic bars on the right to modify your volume.
  • To prevent Adobe Flash Player from repeatedly asking you to click Allow:

        1. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh) the Adobe Flash popup while it is running.

        2. From the context menu, select Settings, and select Allow + Remember.  


1. Enter the title of the video in the text field in the upper left, and click Allow. Then click Click To Record. After a  3-second countdown, your webcam will start recording your Gsnap.  

2. After you have recorded your video, and while backend processing is underway, you can review the recording.

3. Once the back end processing completes, click SAVE AND PROCEED if you feel the recorded video is ready to send. Otherwise, click the RETAKE button to record a new video.


Under PERSONALIZE, you can:

  • Select the number of days for which the Gsnap link will be active.
  • Click the CHANGE SNAPSHOT button to select a different snapshot from your video, which appears to the customer in the email preview. While recording, a snapshot is created every 5 seconds.
  • Add brief notes in the Add notes section (Maximum 254 Characters).
  • Click Browse to attach files to your Gsnap email. You can upload a maximum of 5 files, each with a file size of up to 5MB.



1. Under SEND, enter an email ID, or select the desired contact/user to whom you want to send the Gsnap. Additionally, you can test the Gsnap yourself using the SEND TEST MAIL button, which sends the Gsnap automatically to the logged in user. NOTE: Although Gsnap does not currently integrate with Journey Orchestrator Power Lists, you can copy and paste a list of email addresses in bulk into the To field. You just need to ensure all of the email addresses are semi-colon separated.


3. Under SEND, you can:

  • Click SEND NOW to send the Gsnap email immediately.
  • Click SCHEDULE if you want to send it at a later date, by entering the appropriate date and time.
  • Click BACK TO EDIT, if you feel there is more work to be done.
  • Click SAVE AND CLOSE if you are done with your Gsnap.

View Gsnap Schedule and Stats

As a CSM you can only see your Gsnaps. Additionally, you can view your Gsnaps that are in draft mode, your Gsnaps that have been sent, and your Gsnaps that are scheduled, using the drop-down box. Also, the search icon can be used to search for a Gsnap that you already created. All of these features are highlighted in the image below.


  • Sent (You/Overall): Here You represents the total number of Gsnaps you have sent, whereas Overall represents the total number of Gsnaps sent from a particular org, including your Gsnaps. For example, in the above image, 14 Gsnaps were sent by you, and 15 Gsnaps were sent from the org, including yours.
  • Open Rate (You/Overall): Here You represents the percentage of Gsnaps opened by their recipients, whereas Overall represents the percentage of Gsnaps opened by the recipients (includes your Gsnaps as well) sent from the org. For example, in the following image 100% of Gnaps sent by you, and from the org (including yours) were opened.
  • View Rate (You/Overall): Here You represents the percentage of Gsnaps viewed by recipients, whereas Overall represents the percentage of Gsnaps viewed by the recipients to whom Gsnaps were sent from the org. For example, in the following image, 100% of Gnaps sent by you were viewed, and 93% of Gsnaps that were sent from the org (including yours) were viewed.
  • Thanks Rate (You/Overall): Here You represents the percentage of Gsnaps that received thanks from the recipients to whom you sent Gsnaps, whereas Overall represents the percentage of Gsnaps that received thanks from the recipients to whom Gsnaps were sent from the org. For example, in the following image 93% of Gnaps sent by you received thanks, and 87% of Gsnaps (including your Gsnaps) that were sent from the org received thanks.

Sent Gsnaps

For sent Gsnaps, click the Report icon to view the number of contacts to whom the Gsnap was sent and other useful statistics:

  • Shares: Represents the number of contacts with whom the Gsnap was shared.
  • Views: How many contacts have viewed the Gsnap.
  • Thanks: How many contacts have thanked you after receiving the Gsnap.
  • FORWARD: You can use this button to forward a Gsnap to the desired contact.

The following is a sample of the Report statistics:

Scheduled Gsnaps

The following is how a scheduled Gsnap looks. Click the MODIFY button to reschedule the Gsnap.

Draft Gsnaps

The following image displays a Gsnap that is saved as a draft. You can send or schedule this Gsnap using the SEND button.

Gsnap Sample Email

The following is how the Gsnap email looks when a contact receives it. You can click the video which opens a new tab for the Gsnap to be played.

The following is how the Gsnap looks.  Recipients can click the THANKS button, which eventually turns to THANKED, to thank the sender of the Gsnap.

Gsnap Use Cases

To offer congratulations:

  • At various stages: adopting, renewal, expansion
  • After successful round of funding, upon acquisition, or after being mentioned in the news
  • For significant personal events: birthdays, job promotion, birth of child, etc.

To notify or invite:

  • Upcoming EBR, relevant webinar, personal invitation to event, CSM transition
  • Confirming an on-site meeting the day before / From Execs, before in-person meetings
  • Apology for a product outage

Thank you:

  • For being a long-term customer, or for being a top user of your product/service, or top contributor in your online Community
  • For advocacy: references, event or webinar participation, case studies, etc.
  • Post-EBR thanks and congratulations

Proactive Checkins:

  • After usage data drop or sponsor change
  • Explain new features or highlight a new offering
  • Reminder to complete survey
  • Reach out to non-responsive customer

Business Development:

Introduction/initial contact with a prospect (note: Gsnap requires full Gainsight license)


Holiday/end-of-the-year greetings

Gsnap Notifications

If you have Gsnap enabled in your org, the Email Notification page will include the View and Thank notifications enabled under the Send Gsnap Notification for section. If Gsnap is not enabled in your org, these options won’t be visible. When you enable these options, you will receive an email if a Gsnap recipient views or thanks you for the Gsnap.


  • Currently, Gsnap does not integrate with Journey Orchestrator, and Gsnaps are not synced with Salesforce activities.
  • Sent Gsnaps are not tied to Accounts in Gainsight/SFDC.