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New Notifications in Slack

This article explains the new Notifications in addition to the existing Gainsight Notifications, and also provides details about the upcoming renewal notification that users receive through Slack.


Sally initiates conversations in the form of Notifications. These notifications have more options in addition to the existing Notifications. Notifications deliver intended value by enabling Sally to reach out to users in a targeted manner, delivering valuable information at relevant times.


  • Active Gainsight users with valid Sally licenses receive these notifications.
  • Any user who is following a company will receive this notification.

The following is the notification that Sally sends to users in a targeted and proactive manner at periodic intervals:

  • Upcoming Renewals: This notification is sent to users whose customers are due for renewal in the next 90 days.


  • For Upcoming Renewals, users will receive a maximum of one notification in two weeks.
  • In the above notifications, users can change the frequency or opt-out.

Upcoming Renewals Notifications

This type of notification is sent to users whose customers are due for renewal in the next 90 days.

It contains the following details:

  • Company: The name of the customer is due for renewal in the next 90 days.
  • ARR: The total annual recurring revenue of the customer is displayed, including the currency code.
  • Renewal Date: The date on which the customer is due for renewal. The format of the date displayed is MM/DD/YYYY.


If users need to check other upcoming renewals, they can click the Next option available at the end of the notification. Users can also click Previous if they want to go back to the previous upcoming renewal.


Notification Settings

Users have the option to modify the notification settings they receive. At the end of each notification, they can click the Settings icon to modify the default settings.


To modify the default settings, click the Settings icon. Users can select the required options from the dropdown list for the following notifications types:

Notification Type Daily Weekly Bi-weekly Monthly Unsubscribe from Notifications (Never)
Upcoming Renewals No No Yes  Yes  Yes



  • No notifications are sent to the users on the weekends.
  • If users do not want to receive any notifications, they can opt out by selecting ‘Never’ for all the options in the Notification Settings. 

Like/Dislike Options

Users also have Like or Dislike options after the notification to provide their feedback on the notification details. If they click the Like option, a ‘Thank You’ message appears.


If they click the Dislike option, an optional Share your feedback here comment dialog appears to capture comments from users. Once the users click the Share option, the data is captured to help serve users better with more details.

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