The Scorecard Summary View was introduced to the Gainsight Community in this blog post by VP of Customer Success, Allison Pickens.

This view was created to address the third objective in the Gainsight Risk Framework: establishing a common view of risks across all levels of the organization. The Scorecard Summary View is used during the Gainsight's weekly Leadership meeting, so that our CEO, VP of Customer Success, and other members of the organization can review overall customer health and make business decisions surrounding it. Not only does this resonate with leadership, but our CSM team references the Scorecard Summary View daily, to get insight into how their customer base is trending with regards to overall health, and to strategize about how they can improve it.

Below you'll find instructions on how to build the Scorecard Summary View in your own org. 

Note: This article applies only to the Scorecard 1.0 configuration, you can use Scorecard Mass Edit reports to recreate the Scorecard Summary View with Scorecard 2.0

Create the UI View

Create the UI View

Navigate to Administration >  Analytics > UI Views. Click the New button in the UI Views section.

1. Select Scorecard from the Tab Name menu.

2. Enter a name for the View, such as Scorecard Summary View.

3. To ensure we are only including customers in this view who are in an Active state, we created a filter for Customer Status that excludes those who are Inactive or Churn(ed). Your org may be configured slightly differently, but typically you want to specify only your current/active customers.


4. In Specify Report Params, select your account owner field and set it to current user. At Gainsight, we wanted the user viewing the report to see relevant information surrounding their account base. Keep in mind that any report built in UI views from the Scorecard Object will, by default, contain the overall health score and all associated measure. You may have other parameters that your team will want to setup.

5. Select the fields to display from the Available Fields on the left, and Add them to the Selected Fields on the right. The basic fields we use at Gainsight are Customer ARR, Renewal Date, Stage, and Account CSM,  but you may add others.

6. Click Save.

Create a Dashboard

Create the Layout or Dashboard

Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Dashboard Builder.

1. Click +Add New, enter a name for your Dashboard, and click Save. This name will appear in the drop-down menu in the Gainsight Home tab.

2. On the left, find your newly created Scorecard Summary UI View, under the Scorecard object. Drag it over to the white space on the right. Note: you may add other views or reports to the dashboard.

3. Click Save. Click Preview to see your new dashboard on the Gainsight Home tab. Below is a screenshot of what the completed layout looks like.

Scorecard Summary View

Scorecard Summary View

Display Overall Scores in Customers Tab Views

Some of our customers also want to display overall health scores in UI Views on the Customers Tab. To do so, you need to edit/create the UI View on the Customers Tab:


Then add the Current Score and Current Score Label to the UI View: