The following Gainsight panels can be added in Clarizen by installing the following Clarizen App:

  • Gainsight Health Score
  • Gainsight Scorecard

These panels will appear in Clarizen customer module.

Note: Some of the Gainsight application screenshots are out of date in the Clarizen integration articles, but the overall process remains largely unchanged.

Setup Step 1: Push Gainsight Data to Account Object for Sync to Clarizen

Before installing the app in Clarizen, you need to move all data you wish to sync to Clarizen to the Account Object (or CustomerInfo Object) in Salesforce. The steps listed to accomplish this are below:

  1. Create custom fields on the Account object of the corresponding data type to the fields you wish to sync
  2. Create a rule from the desired source object to update the data onto the Account Object

Here’s an example of the steps you would need to take to setup the Gainsight Scorecard Widget in Clarizen:

Setup Step 1A: Add fields to Account Object

Setup Step 1A: Add fields to Account Object

Add custom fields to the Salesforce Account object that you want to sync into Clarizen.

Go to Setup > Customize (under App Setup) > Accounts > Fields > Click 'New' under ‘Account Custom Fields & Relationships’ > Select appropriate field type (will be a number for the Scorecard Values) > Populate Field Name and Save.

Repeat this step for all your Scorecard measures.

Setup Step 1B: Create Rule to Populate Scorecard Value onto the Account Object

Setup Step 1B: Create Rule to Populate Scorecard Value onto the Account Object

Before you build your rule, enable the Account Object to be acted on by the Rules Engine.

On the Gainsight Tab, Go to Administration > Rules Engine > Click the Configure icon at the top right (as seen above).

For more information, refer the article Use Rules to Load to SFDC Object or MDA Subject Area.


Select the 'Native Data' radio button in the top left > Click in the drop-down to find the 'Account' Object > click on the ‘+’ icon > then click on the Object’s name in the list > In the Field Selection box, select the field and the Clarizen Project (String) fieldand click 'Add' to add them to the 'Selected Fields' box

Select the following fields and add them to the ‘Selected Fields’ box:

  • Id:: ID
  • All the fields you created to sync your scorecard score (in our example: Health Score, Adoption Score, and Support Score)

Click Save.


Now to return to the rules engine page, click on the Gainsight Administration tab > go to the Rules Engine tile in the top left. Click to create a new Rule using the “+Rule” on the right hand side.

Fill in the following:

  • Rule Type “Custom”
  • Rule Name: “CLZ: Scorecard to Account Sync

Click on Next to go to the Rule Configuration page.


Click the ‘Native Data’ radio button > Click in the dropdown to select the ‘Scorecard Fact’ object.

From the list of fields in the left-hand column, add the following fields to the Show box by selecting and dragging:

  • ‘ID’ field from the Account Object (Account::Id)
  • Metric ID Name from the Scorecard Fact Object (Scorecard Fact:: Metric ID Name)
  • Current Score Value from the Scorecard Fact Object (Scorecard Fact:: Current Score Value)

Click next to move to the Action Configuration screen.


In the Action Configuration screen, configure the action with the mappings as seen in the screenshot above:

  • Action type: Load to SFDC object
  • Object name: Account
  • Operation: Update

Check the checkbox underneath the ‘ID (String)’ field to include the Account ID as an Identifier for the update process.

For each Scorecard Measure you will need an action and each action should have a mapping and filter corresponding to:

  • ‘Current Score Value’ from Scorecard Fact is mapped to the corresponding field name on the Account Object
  • Add Additional Criteria to the action (by clicking the ‘+Criteria’ button at the bottom right of the action screen)
    • Select the filter to be ‘Scorecard Fact:: Metric ID Name’ equals ‘X”

You can see how we varied the mapping and the filter for each of the actions corresponding to the Adoption and Support Scores above.

Repeat these steps to create as many actions as Scorecard Measures.

Click on next and Schedule to run daily at a time that works within your rules scheduling.


Setup Step 2: Install Gainsight Widget in Clarizen

Once you’ve completed Step 1, use the following link to install the Gainsight Scorecard Widget in Clarizen:

  • Enable the app through Clarizen > Settings > Applications > Installed Applications

  • The app can be fully customized through the Clarizen > Settings > Configure > Customer